About Dee Kay Dental

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Dee Kay Dental’s experience in cosmetic dentistry and oral healthcare allows us to provide a comprehensive range of services, including teeth whitening, teeth straightening and dental implants, as well as the essential treatments needed to maintain a healthy mouth, whether it is NHS or privately funded. Dee Kay Dental’s procedures are based on the knowledge that beautiful smiles begin with healthy teeth and gums.

Patients are welcomed into our modern, hygienic practice, and our team of caring, highly qualified dentists, nurses and receptionists ensure that each and every experience is stress-free and completely personalised to the patient’s needs. During your treatment, you can rest assured knowing that the materials we use are of high quality.

It is this combination of expertise, the latest treatments and specialised services that not only enables us to build respect and trust with our patients, but to leave our patients with healthy, beautiful smiles. To begin your procedures with us, please give us a call and schedule your consultation; the Dee Kay Dental team are ready and happy to help.