Dentist Sheffield delivering dentistry innovatively in the 21st century!

The deeper we progress into the 21st century, the more important time becomes in our daily lives. As a progressive dentist Sheffield, we at Dee Kay Dental have harnessed the technology that you use every day to help you maintain your dental health. We have a four-stage process that allows you to have a virtual consultation with us without having to come into our surgery. All you have to do is send us a picture of your smile using your smartphone. Our software will analyse your picture and draw our attention to any problems highlighted. One of our team members will then evaluate the information and arrange a callback to suggest the relevant treatments required to correct the problem. Our services are available in the Sheffield and Gainsborough areas.

A healthy mouth creates a healthy smile

As a responsible dentist Sheffield, we encourage our patients to take ownership and responsibility for the maintenance of their own teeth. We are here to guide and help you use the proper techniques and equipment to maintain your teeth and gums. If a problem occurs, our dedicated team will provide you with high-quality dental care available at the time.

To produce a broad, healthy and confident smile, your teeth must be strong and healthy. Your job to safeguard your permanent teeth begins around the age of 7 or 8, and by age 21 or 22, all of your adult teeth will have come through. These adult teeth are the set that will have to serve you for the rest of your life.

The process is easy; it’s the routine that takes dedication

Routine is something that needs to be instilled into us from an early age! As a forward-thinking dentist Sheffield, we believe that it is important for parents to bring their young children into our surgery from a very early age; this will allow the children to see their parents attending appointments and receiving treatment. Therefore, it will instil in them a feeling of comfort, and they will grow up feeling relaxed when it is their turn to attend dental checkups. Routine brushing and six-monthly dental visits will help to ensure the durability and health of a child’s teeth and gums.

A team that stays up to date

Dentistry and technological advances move rapidly, and the techniques and equipment used are constantly being improved. As a team, we regularly attend training and seminars to ensure that you always receive the best dental care available at the time. We treat each patient as an individual and tailor-make treatment to all our patients’ needs, taking into account their personal requirements. Any dental anxiety is identified quickly by our caring and friendly staff, and when a treatment plan is created, dental anxiety is always accounted for.

All your dental smile requirements are catered for!

You may want a simple teeth-whitening treatment, or you may require teeth straightening, a crown, veneers or even a dental implant. Whatever you need, we can provide the dental service you require and put a smile back on your face.