Factors to consider when choosing clear braces

Our dental team at Dee Kay Dental are proficient dental practitioners experienced in supervising modern teeth-correcting treatments such as clear braces in Sheffield. We understand that investing in realigning teeth can be a major step for anyone, but with clear braces in Sheffield, this process can be convenient and comfortable!

Clear braces in Sheffield like the tray-based Invisalign system are widely used to reshape and realign teeth to improve mouth health and function and create a more dazzling smile.

Many patients prefer the option of clear teeth-correcting appliances over traditional fixed devices because of the numerous advantages these offer, but it should be noted that there are a few key factors that come into play when choosing the clear braces route.

What to know when considering clear orthodontic appliances

Patient situation

We are never surprised when we hear that the preferred choice of patients when it comes to teeth-correcting appliances, are clear removable braces. The ultimate deciding factor, however, when it comes to which dental appliance is most suitable, will depend on the condition of your teeth and complexity of your situation. It is most probable that patients with severe alignment issues will be required to wear a traditional fixed device.

Lifestyle changes

Removable, clear teeth-correcting appliances remove many of the inconvenient challenges that are associated with fixed orthodontic devices. Removable braces make teeth cleaning quicker and easier and there are not usually any food restrictions since you remove them before eating. There are, however, a few important things to take note of:

Times for eating and snacking are limited

Patients choosing removable tray-based braces will not be able to eat and drink whenever they please. Mealtimes and snacking will have to be restricted to certain times of the day and for the minimum amount of time possible.

With clear orthodontic appliances, patients will also not be able to consume their favourite drinks (coffee, wine, etc.) as often as they’d like as these beverages are known to contribute to teeth (and appliance) staining.

With clear aligners, patients will also be asked to avoid consuming hot beverages whilst wearing them as the heat may warp or damage the aligners.

Speech impediments

Patients may need to remember that any orthodontic device worn does not constitute a natural part of the mouth and so these are likely to cause temporary, minor speech impediments. Patients will need to get used to wearing the device – more often in the case of removable appliances – to overcome this problem.


Relative to traditional fixed devices, the initial discomfort felt by patients on modern orthodontic treatments are minor and temporary. Please speak to our dentist should you experience any discomfort that lasts far longer than what is normal


It has recently been found that teeth can, in some instances, move out of position once a patient has completed their treatment plan. To avoid this undesirable situation, a patient may be asked to continue to wear a retainer after the braces have come off.

As clear braces are a newish introduction to the field of orthodontics, we are aware that patients may have many questions and concerns about their use. We are happy to take the time to answer your questions, so why not get in touch with us at Dee Kay Dental to arrange a consultation.