Is Invisalign in Gainsborough an option for you?

It comes as no surprise to us that Invisalign in Gainsborough is fast becoming one of the most popular teeth straightening devices available for both teenagers and adults alike. The secret comes down to the advanced digital scanning technology that allows the procedure to be so quick and effortless.

Dentists here at our practice are professionally trained with this brand and technology, and are given digital software and equipment that allows us to provide you with a vast array of detailed information for your benefit and pleasure. By watching a virtual representation of the changes that your smile will undergo over the following months, you can gain valuable insight and get excited about creating the smile of your dreams.

There are multiple benefits to the procedure and Invisalign in Gainsborough can cater to the many different situations that an individual can find themselves in. Speak to one of us today about your desires regarding the health and appearance of your smile and we will revel in an open and candid conversation about your options and the realistic results that you can come to expect.

Only through holding true to our values of transparency and integrity are we able to establish the relationship that we believe is important to have with our patients. We promise that we will not lead you to believe that you will achieve results that are unobtainable.

With that being said, it is important to understand that these aligners are not for everyone and some cases are still restricted to more traditional braces in order to improve the alignment of the jaw and teeth.

However as these clear aligners are able to be adapted to a great number of misalignments, and with different programmes available, a unique and personalised treatment plan can be established to achieve the results that you seek.

How does the process really work?

Invisalign in Gainsborough has become so successful due to the benefits that you can experience whilst going through the treatment, as well as the treatment itself being adaptable to address many different cases.

Unlike traditional methods, these aligners are removable. They do need to be worn for a minimum of 20 to 22 hours every day, but can be removed for eating which gives you the freedom to be able to eat what you want to.

Because of this, you can also benefit from following your normal oral hygiene routine. It is important that you brush your teeth every time after eating, so that you do not trap food between the aligners and your teeth, as this can cause serious bad breath and potential dental decay.

Most people can expect to see results within a year, but this can certainly differ from patient to patient. It should be said that a retainer is important to wear after the treatment is completed, in order for you to keep that smile looking perfect and to maintain your investment of time and money.

Ligaments holding teeth do tend to want to snap back to their original position over time, therefore a retainer is available and sometimes necessary to simply hold those straightened teeth in place. After a period of time of frequently wearing a retainer, you can enjoy your perfected smile for life.