Restore that smile with Invisalign in Kirton

As we get older our teeth can start to move and shift into different positions in our mouth. Not only…

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Oral care tips from your dentist Sheffield team

The talented team at Dee Kay Dental have decided to help out our patients who may be struggling to find…

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The other benefits of Invisalign in Sheffield

Invisalign is generally used by our dentists to help straighten out any troublesome teeth that may be crooked or out…

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What are the signs you may need clear braces in Sheffield?

Having braces is a fairly common procedure for our patients, with most having one fitted when they’re young, as their…

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Considering Invisalign in Kirton?

Clearly pretty clever Each year, thousands of people, young and old, require orthodontic work to correct teeth which are slightly…

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Discover a different sort of dentist in Sheffield

Making Sheffield smile Here at Dee Kay Dental, we strive to provide Sheffield with the dental service it deserves. We…

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Talking about clear braces in Sheffield

Aligned with the times Each year, thousands of people seek treatment to align teeth which are crooked, overlapping, or uneven….

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Uncovering the magic on Invisalign in Sheffield

Keeping Sheffield smiling Here at Dee Kay Dental, we are not your archetypal dental practice. We pride ourselves on putting…

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Young woman holding a toothbrush

My Teeth Hurt When I Eat Something Cold. Do I Have Sensitive Teeth?

Around 50 percent of adults suffer from sensitive teeth. If your teeth hurt when you eat or drink something cold,…

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Woman has tooth ache

7 Proven Ways How to Tell If You Have a Cavity

Cavities are one of the most common tooth problems that people of all ages face. It’s reported that 170 children…

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woman tooth ache

Common Dental Problems and How to Prevent Them

Dental care is highly encouraged in its observance in the UK. The assuring point is that this gets instilled in…

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healthy teeth and smile

10 Dazzling Benefits of Teeth Whitening

The global annual market for teeth whitening products is set to skyrocket all the way up to over 7.4 billion…

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