Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment

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Root canal treatment is carried out when the nerve inside a tooth has died or has become infected due to cavities or other causes of damage.

When a part of the nerve becomes infected, it may spread through the entire root canal system of the tooth causing an abscess, which in turn can steadily lead to excruciating pain if not accounted for. If the root canal treatment is not carried out in a period of time, the infection may spread and the tooth may have to eventually be removed.

The procedure is carried out longitudinally and therefore is a steady and patient process. It requires the removal of the nerve or abscess; the infected area will then be cleansed anti-bacterially and shaped in relation to the filling. At first you will be given a temporary filling whilst the tooth is preparing and settling itself, and then the actual filling is provided at a later date when it is deemed to be ready by Dr Akaash Bagga.

Is this procedure painful?

You will not feel pain during the procedure as an anaesthetic will be provided to numb the area completely. However, you may experience soreness after the procedure and it is recommended to not apply too much pressure to it in the earlier stages.

How can I look out for symptoms of an abscessed/ injured nerve?

At the early stages you may not experience pain; however you may find a discolouring of your tooth, causing it to appear darker. Gradually as the abscess grows or the nerve becomes much more sensitive you will experience pain. Therefore it is crucial you visit your dentist when you experience early symptoms such as discolouring.

Will there be any side effects to this procedure?

This procedure is usually highly successful, however as root canal treated teeth are more brittle due to the intense procedure, you are likely to require a porcelain crown to help provide the tooth with more strength and support.