Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment

Regular brushing and flossing can avoid the build up of plaque and tartar, which could otherwise lead to tooth decay. As teeth are not uniform or perfectly straight, it is very common for patients to miss areas of their mouths when brushing or flossing and it is usually in those areas that problems develop.

Decay and cavities can be easily detected during routine appointments with your dentist. They can usually be easily treated with amalgam or white fillings, but if more extensive damage has occurred to the structure of the tooth, or if infection has set in, root canal treatment may be necessary.

What is Root Canal Treatment?

If the root of your tooth has become infected or died due to decay or damage, root canal treatment is often the best form of treatment. It allows your natural tooth to be retained whilst treating the infection to prevent it from spreading or causing a painful abscess to develop.

If you have developed pain in your tooth, gum or mouth area, or if one of your teeth appears to be discoloured, please call us or complete our Smile Evaluation form without delay so that we can promptly treat any damage to your nerve and save your tooth.

Root canal treatment involves carefully and precisely drilling into the affected tooth and removing the dead or damaged nerve or abscess. The infection is then treated locally with anti-bacterial agents and the space is prepared so that a filling can be fitted. This is all carried out under local anaesthetic to minimise discomfort, so you will not feel any pain. A temporary filling is usually applied to help to calm and settle your tooth; this is then replaced with a permanent filling at a second appointment a few days later.

You might feel sore for a few hours after treatment; your dentist will give you advice about how to care for yourself and recommend over-the-counter painkillers to alleviate any discomfort.

Root Canal Treatment at Dee Kay Dental

If you are in pain it is important that you call us or use our Smile Evaluation form as soon as possible so that we can help you to recover quickly and with the least possible intervention.

Our dentists are highly trained and experienced in delivering excellent dental care including root canal treatment at our Gainsborough and Sheffield practices. They will take great care to ensure that you are comfortable and that you feel safe and calm even if you have had a lot of pain from an abscess or cavity.

If root canal treatment is not carried out, the infection will spread and in all likelihood your affected tooth will need to be removed, so it is important that you contact us quickly if you experience any pain in a tooth or other area of your mouth or face.

Caring for Your Teeth After Root Canal Treatment

Once the local anaesthetic has worn off, you can eat, drink and brush your teeth as normal, though take care not to apply too much pressure to the affected tooth for a few hours after treatment.

Sometimes, root canal treatment can leave a tooth fragile or discoloured. In such cases, we normally recommend that a crown is fitted to strengthen and improve the appearance of your tooth.

How Much does Root Canal Treatment Cost?

At Dee Kay Dental in Gainsborough or Sheffield, root canal treatment costs from just £295. Your dentist will be able to give you a no-obligation quote for treatment after examining you to determine the extent of the work required.

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If you are experiencing pain or have a discoloured tooth that you are concerned about, call us today or complete our Smile Evaluation form and one of our friendly team will contact you as soon as possible to arrange a convenient appointment so that a dentist can assess you and offer appropriate advice.