Are You Thinking About Teeth Whitening Sheffield? Here’s All You Need To Know

We hope you’re all having a healthy stress-free start to the year! Today we wanted to take a moment to have a look at teeth whitening Sheffield. We know that lots of patients will be wanting to make the most out of a fresh start, and this may well include an upgrade to their smiles. Teeth whitening has become more and more accessible over the last ten years, and with our favourite online influencers flashing their pearly white smiles across our feeds, it’s no wonder people want to achieve the same level of gleam! With this in mind, we’re going to look at the options we offer here at Dee Kay Dental.

What Is Teeth Whitening Sheffield?

Teeth whitening Sheffield is a way in which we lighten smiles; this can be either with a simple at-home remedy or a more professional way where the patient would need to visit our clinic.

We can whiten our teeth in several ways. For some people, it might be as simple as just removing the top layer of grime, which can build up over time, and for others, a bleaching agent might be necessary.

At-Home Remedies

There are lots of amazing products on the market to help you whiten your teeth at home; there are even some types of toothpaste that, when used regularly, can make a huge impact on the shade of your teeth.

We at Dee Kay Dental always recommend using industry-approved products and brands because, over the last few years, there has been a major uptake of cowboy brands through social media. These brands are releasing products that might well have excellent results but aren’t safe! It’s really important that when we’re whitening teeth, we aren’t taking off the top layer or protective enamel as this could cause life-long irreversible damage.

What We Offer

The team here offers two types of teeth whitening: an entry-level and a more premium option. Both methods use clear trays that have whitening products injected into them. Patients must then wear these overnight for two weeks and watch their smiles whiten.

With the more premium option, you will be given toothpaste ahead of receiving your trays, which works to prepare your teeth for the lightening process.

Both of these options are great and offer wonderful results, the best way to find out which would be best for you would be to book an initial consultation for teeth whitening, which can be done over the phone or through the website.


You’ll be pleased to hear you’re now able to split the cost of your whitening with our interest-free finance option. We want to make cosmetic dentistry and the smile of your dreams accessible, and that’s why we’re proud we now offer the feature to all patients.


To keep your teeth looking bright and white, you may well have to address some habits in your diet. Lots of the things we love, such as coffee and red wine, contain high levels of tannins, meaning they’re more likely to cause staining. To find out more about this and in general on keeping teeth white, take a look at the NHS website.