Clear braces in Sheffield for discreet big changes

A change is as good as a holiday, they say, and we could all do with one of those considering how this year has gone, but while many of us are staying in place for our families’ health and safety big changes are still possible with clear braces in Sheffield. Transforming your whole look as well as your confidence can be as easy as an orthodontic treatment at Dee Kay Dental, where we understand how a new straight smile can restore someone’s sense of positive self-image and even outlook on life.

What are clear braces?

Clear braces in Sheffield are removable appliances that straighten your teeth, and sometimes are known as Invisalign. Clear braces use clear aligners to discreetly push your teeth into position over a few months instead of years like traditional braces sometimes take. Also unlike traditional braces, no one will even notice you wearing the aligner which means that you can go about your life in ease and comfort without worrying about your image.

Because aligners are removable you don’t have to worry about changing what you eat, nor do you need to be concerned with changing your teeth cleaning routine. Clear aligners are by far the most advanced and practical tool on the market for straightening teeth and with 0% finance plans, everyone can afford treatment.

Keeping safe with virtual consultations

Before being able to book an appointment to treat an issue that a patient may present, we normally have to have an initial consultation appointment to first see what we are dealing with and gauge how long an appointment will take so that we can fit you into the books accordingly. However, in order to protect you, our staff, and other patients from the increased health risks that the world is facing, we need to limit the contact you have with us as in the case where tooth alignment is the issue we can take this initial consultation online instead of having you come into the practice.

At this appointment, you will be able to provide us with pictures of your smile and discuss your smile goals with us as well like fixing crooked teeth or taking care of issues of overcrowding and gaps, through this picture our experienced dentists will be able to decide whether or not clear braces in Sheffield will be able to help you and we can book a video call to discuss further treatment.

During this call you are able to discuss your main concerns and your goals with one of our dentists in a safe and secure manner, they will be able to discuss all your options with you and give you the peace of mind you need to take the next steps in moving forward with your orthodontic health.

The next step

Once you come in for the second and most important stage of treatment the appointment itself will be quick, allowing you to be in and out with minimal risk:

We use a 3D digital scanner to take an image of your mouth, this will only take a few seconds and you won’t feel anything. This information can be used by a lab to create your custom clear aligners which will then be sent to you in order for you to begin treatment, giving you control of your plan for the next few months without having to come in for constant adjustments.