Stain Removal

Stain Removal

Stain Removal (from £65.00)

A scale usually manages to rid of small amounts of staining, however tougher and more prominent stains caused by intake of drinks such as tea/coffee, red wines and stains due to smoking can be removed using this type of treatment.

The procedure is similar to that required in ‘scale and polish’ including the removal of plaque and debri from the tooth which is causing the staining. However in this procedure further focus and pressure is required on the tooth to completely remove the stain build up on the surface of your teeth, leaving you with the end product of healthy pearly whites.

Air Flow Stain Removal

Want a more powerful detailed clean that will leave your mouth feeling the cleanest it has ever felt? Dee Kay Dental are proud to offer Air Flow (Prophyflex) Stain Removal, a new treatment that has the power and speed which greatly helps to remove any heavy stains from your teeth as well as stubborn plaque and tartar build up. Nothing compares to the powerful clean of the Air Flow Stain Removal!

Prophyflex removes stains and tartar, which can only be removed very meticulously, by using the power and strength of high speed air, giving you the ultimate clean fresh feeling after your dental visit. This treatment is becoming more and more popular as it can remove heavy stains built up from coffee or smoking, no matter how tough they are, in a very short time!

Why not try our Air Flow Stain Removal treatment now and experience the ultimate fresh feeling your mouth deserves.

Why should I opt for stain removal?

Stain removal is another option to maintain and exceed your oral hygiene to ensure your teeth are healthy and clean, otherwise the risks of periodontal (gum) disease are highly likely to increase if not tackled at early stages.

Why is it essential to require stain removal from a dental?

There has recently been an increase of ‘at home’ removal products which include dangerous peroxide ingredients and bleaching products which can cause damage without professional advisory. Therefore it is essential that you opt for a safe stain removal procedure that is carried out by experienced professionals, who are an extremely reliable source.

What is the duration for my stain free teeth?

The procedure is highly effective with drastic visible results however you will have to personally maintain an effective oral hygiene plan, sufficiently caring for your teeth. This includes cutting back on wine, caffeine and smoking.