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Are you looking for a cosmetic smile transformation that’s quick, affordable, and non-invasive?

SmileFast is a ground-breaking new development in Smile Design and Smile Makeovers. This amazing new system brings together the three essential elements of modern cosmetic dentistry, which are orthodontics braces, ceramic and composite veneers.

SmileFast helps you quickly visualise your unique new smile with a revolutionary digital system, understand the journey and then experience the smile-changing results. By cutting out most of the time-consuming preliminary stages for Dentists, SmileFast has simplified the process meaning you can reach the smile of your dreams at a price you can afford.

Why would you want SmileFast? Here are some examples of how SmileFast can be used to quickly and affordably transform your smile!


Before & After

Swipe left and right to view our patients amazing smile transformations.

Tooth Wear

Enlighten - Before Enlighten - After

Great alternative to dental bonding to rebuild worn teeth.

Small or Spaced Teeth

Implant Retained Dentures - Before Implant Retained Dentures - After

SmileFast Dental Veneers can build up small teeth making them more elegant. eliminates small gaps – reducing the need for dental braces treatments.

Acid Erosion

Acid Erosion - Before Acid Erosion - After

Great alternative to dental bonding to rebuild worn teeth

Colour or Texture Change

Colour or Texture Change
 - Before Colour or Texture Change
 - After

If you have pitted teeth or grooves in your teeth, SmileFast Dental Veneers is an ideal solution to give you the smooth look you are after.

Crowded and Aged Teeth

Crowded and Aged Teeth - Before Crowded and Aged Teeth - After

Crowded teeth can be corrected with SmileFast Veneers – no need for dental braces – how amazing is that!

Front-teeth Bonding

Front-teeth Bonding - Before Front-teeth Bondingn - After

The front teeth ‘Cosmetic Zone’ of your smile can be quickly colour and shape corrected, So you can feel just that little bit more confident –  Actually you may be jumping with joy!



1.Two Hour Smile Makeover

  • Depending on the case, you can have a complete smile makeover in just 2-hours, with SmileFast (dental bonding)
  • Custom-designed composite veneer smile makeover for the front 6 teeth in just one application

2. Minimally Invasive

  • Uses an innovative stent for completing customised composite smile makeovers without invasive procedures
  • The result is zero downtime, meaning you can go back to your normal activities immediately after the treatment

3. Cost-Effective

  • SmileFast composite bonding offers a more affordable cosmetic dentistry solution to conventional porcelain veneers
  • The reduced cost is achieved by simplifying the processes involved, including the elimination of lengthy preliminary steps by dentists



How Does SmileFast ‘Composite Bonding’ Work its Magic?

  1. Photos and impressions of your teeth and mouth will be taken for imaging purposes.
  2. After these images are uploaded into the SmileFast portal, the patent-pending SmileFast system is used with cutting-edge 3D planning technology to come up with all available treatment options, on the way to achieving the perfect smile.
  3. Treatment is scheduled after approval by both patient and dentist and involves using the unique SmileFast stent.
  4. Individual teeth placement is achieved by using a pre-separating mechanism so that the final and ideal texture & appearance can quickly be transferred – significantly reducing the treatment completion time.
  5. Now, it is possible to have a custom-made composite smile makeover in just 2 hour’s time!


SmileFast is the one-stop solution to achieving the smile of your dreams!


As General dentists, we understood that it is often hard to plan the best treatment for each of our patients. Knowing where to start or how to help them achieve their perfect smile can be very challenging. Traditional methods for smile makeovers require a significant amount of time and money, which often puts the perfect smile out of reach for many of the patients who would benefit the most.

Male Dr. Tom Sealey Co-Inventor of SmileFast

Well my journey is nearly complete! I am so overwhelmed with the results! Mr Patel is a miracle worker as you can see from my before pics :) 100% recommend, wish I'd done it years ago! If you would like any info please let me know xxx

Female lucycbrowne1980 UK

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