White Fillings

White Fillings

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Fillings are the most common routine dental procedures in dental practice. Composite (tooth coloured) fillings are produced from a high grade filling material to conceal signs of decay or cavity on the top surface of your tooth. Composite can match the shade of your own teeth therefore presenting a better appearance than the traditional amalgam/silver fillings.

Composite have always been considered to be less durable than the traditional amalgam fillings, however, there are now further developed and researched materials which are just as durable to provide a similar finish.

Composite can also be used to improve the shape of your teeth by just augmenting to your existing teeth without any need of drilling purposes. This is procedure is known as bonding. Bonding involves putty like substance being sculpted around your tooth, building its shape and then being hardened and polished to give a more natural looking finish, very similar to your teeth.

Why should I consider white fillings?

If you suffer from tooth decay or cavities, leading to sensitivity and discolouring of your teeth, it is very beneficial for you to opt for a filling as it will provide a layer of protection for your teeth along with vastly improving the appearance, for a happier and more confident smile.

Which procedure is best, composite fillings or amalgam fillings?

White fillings are recommended mostly for your front teeth as it easily simulates the natural appearance and colour of your teeth. Amalgam fillings are seen to be more suitable for back, molar fillings as they are seen to be more durable however, as stated due to technological advances, composite fillings are now just as durable and reliable.

Will I experience sensitivity after the procedure?

You may experience sensitivity due to the fillings immediately after so do be sensitive to food and water, however this wares off quickly, further instructions will be provided by your dentist. However it is highly unlikely for you to experience any pain as this is an extremely reliable and practised method.