Clear braces in Sheffield; myths about Invisalign debunked

Have you heard that Invisalign aligners don’t work? Has this mistruth put you off of seeking treatment with them?

At Dee Kay Dental, our team is happy to offer Invisalign or clear braces in Sheffield to all suitable patients and will always point you in the right direction concerning your orthodontic care.

Still think Invisalign doesn’t work? Here, our team debunks the most frequent myths that we encounter about clear braces in Sheffield.

Myth 1 – You cannot treat complex cases with Invisalign

Yes, you can!

With these clear braces in Sheffield, we are now able to treat more extreme cases of misalignment, protrusion, spacing and bite issues. But before any of that can happen, we will need to assess you for suitability. So, book yourself in for an appointment!

Myth 2 – Invisalign treatment time is always shorter than regular braces

In most cases, yes, using Invisalign would require less time than a standard brace to realign your teeth.

But as the technology evolves, we are now able to treat more complex cases of misalignment and protrusion, which can take a bit longer than standard treatment times. For a more accurate estimate on how long Invisalign will take to straighten your teeth, please talk to our team.

Myth 3 – Invisalign doesn’t work

Of course, Invisalign works! But we think we know where this myth comes from.

Many companies offer patients invisible aligners delivered straight to their doors, requiring very few dental consultations or checks. And so, patients who have more difficult cases of misalignments wear these aligners and their teeth fail to move, hence the myth.

But to wear Invisalign aligners, you will need to meet with a member of a dental team who will assess suitability. And when you come to our team, we will happily refer you to the correct type of orthodontic treatment to help you straighten your teeth, even if it isn’t Invisalign.

Myth 4 – Invisalign is completely pain-free

Even in 2021, there is no way to move teeth without it causing some kind of discomfort.

And whilst Invisalign uses a completely different system to regular braces (aligners push your teeth instead of pulling), it can still cause a bit of pressure when you switch between aligners.

To mitigate this sensation, our team recommends using over-the-counter pain relievers such as ibuprofen or paracetamol.

But if you have concerns about the level of discomfort you are in whilst wearing this brace, we advise you to book a checkup with our team as soon as possible.

Myth 5 – Any dentist can use Invisalign

We will always advise you to shop around when looking for a dentist to treat you with Invisalign.

And of course, do your homework!

When you look for a dental team to treat you with this type of orthodontic tool, you should always ask them for proof of the additional training that they must have undertaken to use Invisalign. If they do not show you their certificates, move on quickly!

Our team at Dee Kay Dental has undertaken all of the required training and more to use this aligner, meaning that we are amongst the most qualified dentists around to offer treatment with Invisalign. You can even ask our team to see their portfolio of smiles realigned using this system.