Considering Invisalign in Gainsborough?

Clearly pretty clever

Each year, thousands of people, young and old, require orthodontic work to correct teeth which are slightly misaligned, overlapping or crooked. However, each year there continues to be a large percentage of people who refrain from seeking the required, essential work, out of fear of how their orthodontic work will impact on their outward appearance. This is largely due to outdated images conjured when people think of orthodontics, often associating it with large and cumbersome headgear. However, here at Dee Kay Dental, we are proud to provide Invisalign in Gainsborough, the most advanced, discreet, aligner in the world which has helped millions across the globe secretly achieve the smile they have always hoped for.

Discreetly different

The Invisalign method is the brainchild of Stanford University graduate Zia Chishti, who despite having no formal dental training, revolutionised the world of conventional orthodontics forever in 1997, when he first dreamed up the idea of the Invisalign retainer. After witnessing at first-hand the negative effects that conventional orthodontics can sometimes have on a patient’s outward appearance, Chishti decided to take matters into his own hands, and teamed up with fellow graduate Kelsey Wirth to create the revolutionary design. After some refinement, Wirth and Chishti launched their first retainer in 2001, and the world of orthodontics was never the same again. Since its launch, the Invisalign retainer has now helped bring smiles to millions of happy customers, with many of these being teenagers.

Subtle and precise

The primary reason for Invisalign’s massive success over conventional methods of orthodontics, is the discreet nature of the retainer. Each instance of the Invisalign system is entirely unique, as the initial stage of using this model requires that a mould be created from the insides of a patient’s mouth with great precision. This allows for a perfectly accurate rendering of the contours of their mouth, from which the retainer is constructed. With Invisalign in Gainsborough the retainer is constructed from a specialised, patented plastic known as SmartTrack – which is utilised for its uniquely durable, yet malleable nature. When it is worn, the retainer uses specifically placed pressure points to gradually push the patient’s teeth back into their correct alignment. Prior to obtaining Invisalign treatment from us here at Dee Kay Dental, patients must first undergo a no-obligation consultation period. This is done to assess the extent of treatment that is required, and the patient’s eligibility for the treatment. Also during this consultation, patients will be made aware of the results they can expect to gain from the treatment, as well as the timescale they can expect it to involve. This timescale varies from case to case, but typically lasts around a year.

Invisible ingenuity

One of the main attractions of Invisalign in Gainsborough over other more conventional methods of orthodontic treatment, is the discreet nature of the process. As the retainer is moulded to fit perfectly around the contours of each patient’s teeth, when it is worn it fits so snugly that it becomes practically invisible. This can have a hugely positive effect on the self-esteem and confidence of those who seek treatment, as it affords them the ability to discreetly undergo essential dental realignment, without attracting any unwanted attention from peers or colleagues. Interested in Invisalign? Then don’t hesitate to contact us at Dee Kay Dental.