A fully restored smile at a dentist in Sheffield

Improving the look of your teeth with cosmetic dental treatments is a great way to give yourself a major confidence boost and ensure that any first impressions you make won’t be ruined by crooked or stained teeth. At Dee Kay Dental, your local dentist in Sheffield, we can help create a smile that you feel good about with our range of treatments targeted at making your teeth look better, from brightening and whitening to straightening and cover-ups, we can combine various treatments to give you the full package.

Cosmetic treatments

Teeth straightening

Orthodontic treatments are created to fix misaligned teeth to give you a straight and confident smile. Orthodontics can also fix malocclusions, like severe underbites which can change the whole shape of your face and we have some of the most advanced orthodontic treatments for you to use that will suit both your wallet and your lifestyle:

Invisalign – This is an advanced clear aligner system which is just about completely invisible as it straightens teeth. Treatment can be done in as little as a few weeks to 9 months with most problems being fixed within a 6-month period depending on how severe the issue is to start with. But the transformation of crooked teeth to a straight smile can be life-changing and with 0% finance options you have no reason not to at least give it a try.


This is an excellent quick fix if you don’t have the time to wait for orthodontic treatment to work and you have an event like a wedding coming up. We can create a custom set of beautiful veneers to cover up your natural teeth, whether they are crooked, chipped, or stained. Veneers will hide a multitude of dental sins or even problems you’ve had since childhood. You need to remember, however, that this treatment at our dentist in Sheffield is permanent as we will need to file your teeth down in order to fit the veneers into place; there is no going back, but it is worth it for a beautiful smile in as little as 2 appointments.

White fillings

Old dark amalgam fillings can be unsightly but we are able to change them for you to restore a perfectly white smile. We can swap out these dark metal fillings for a tooth coloured bonding composite that is entirely unnoticeable in your mouth.

Teeth whitening

This offers a simple but effective change that is quite inexpensive. Teeth whitening can transform a dull yellow smile into a thing of pearly beauty and by removing stains from your teeth we can ensure a better-looking smile in a single appointment.

A full custom package

We can incorporate some of the above treatments to transform your smile as you may need to straighten your teeth, whiten them and cover up a chipped tooth in order to makeover your whole smile. We will offer you the best collection of options in order to completely overhaul your look simply by transforming your smile and these options can even be discussed in a virtual consultation with our dentist in Sheffield to keep you safe at home before absolutely needing to come in for treatment.