Get the most out of your Invisalign treatments with these top tips

There is no denying that making an investment in Invisalign in Gainsborough (available at our reputable Dee Kay Dental practice) to straighten a crooked smile is one you can’t regret. This investment in enhancing your smile pays off in multiple, highly desirable ways. Indeed, the rewards of showing off an attractive smile can be far reaching and has been found to influence your mental and emotional well-being.

With the improved confidence you gain from improving the look of your smile with Invisalign in Gainsborough, you can boost your professional goals and succeed in your social life. While there is little doubt as to the efficacy of using the clear aligner-based method of straightening teeth, there is much that a patient can do themselves to augment their treatment process. Here are our dentist-recommended tips for using Invisalign in Gainsborough.

Ways to accelerate teeth-straightening treatments

Following our guidelines on how to use your clear aligners will ensure that all goes according to your treatment plan and that you will get the results you are after. Our instructions are not arbitrary suggestions but mandatory practises that are put in place to secure the ultimate success of your orthodontic investment.

Wear aligners as instructed

This is our number one golden rule and there is no room for negotiation – the aligner trays MUST be worn for a MINIMUM of 22 hours a day. Yes, the aligners are removable, which is one of its biggest advantages, but this is only restricted to certain times such as mealtimes and when cleaning your teeth. Outside of these times, the aligners must be worn.

No skipping out on brushing and flossing

While we always advocate for a strict observance of your oral hygiene practice at home, this becomes even more critical when you are on a dental treatment plan. The good news is that with removable clear aligners, brushing and flossing teeth is made easier and there are no challenges as with traditional fixed braces. Aligners are cleaned separately but this is also a quick and uncomplicated process.

Keep track of your aligner change schedule

There are key differences in the aligner system and traditional braces. One of which is that as there is no one fixed device as in the traditional orthodontic option. On an aligner-based treatment plan, the patient is given a set number of clear plastic trays to wear with each tray needing to be worn for a maximum of a week or two and then changed with the next trays in the series. It is imperative that a patient stick to this schedule to avoid disrupting the treatment plan duration.

Always carry your aligner storage case with you

With the Invisalign aligners being made of clear plastic, it can be quite easy to lose the aligner when taken out of the mouth and not kept in a safe place. If you are going out to have a meal, it is best to take along the recommended storage case with you in which to keep it safe from damage.

To start your Invisalign journey schedule a consultation with our competent dentist at Dee Kay Dental.