Am I eligible for Invisalign in Gainsborough?

At our dental clinic within Gainsborough we offer Invisalign, a near invisible and extremely popular way to achieve your dream smile. If you are a patient who is suffering from misaligned, crooked, or even front protruding teeth (also commonly referred to as an overbite) then Invisalign might be perfect for you!

Treatment made for you

At our dental clinic we cater for each of our individual patients’ needs, treating each dental case as unique, to create a tailor made treatment plan for Invisalign in Gainsborough. We use three dimensional iTero technology at our clinic to ensure the best possible results are achieved.

How it works

Originally, dental putty would be used to create physical impressions of the teeth, however many of our patients found this process extremely uncomfortable. We have embraced modern impression systems, iTero scanners not only create three dimensional impressions of our patients’ mouths, but they also completely remove the need for physical impressions, making the process more time effective.

A glimpse at your future smile

Choosing to receive any form of dental work (whether it be general or more complex restorative dentistry) can be considered as both an emotional and financial investment, which is why our clinic delivers professional and comfortable treatments. Our three dimensional scanner creates a smile prediction, meaning our patients can see their future dental results.

What to expect from the treatment process

Many of our patients (especially those who are feeling anxious) may feel more comfortable knowing what to expect from their Invisalign in Gainsborough treatment, which we completely understand.

The first step

After we have discussed the treatment process with you during an initial consultation, we can start your dental treatment. Once we have confirmed that Invisalign is right for you, we can make impressions, and take digital photos to send to Invisalign.

Advanced dental technology

Our clinic within Gainsborough uses a modern ClinCheck 3D system, this ensures that each set of clear aligners are custom made for each patient, whilst using modern dental technology.

Producing dental results

Once our clinic has received your aligners from Invisalign we can give you your first set of clear aligner trays! We recommend our patients wear their aligners for as long as possible during the day and night, although they must be removed to clean correctly.

The final stage

Once you have received your trays we may ask you to visit our clinic every six to eight weeks, this means we can monitor your dental progress, and ensure everything is running smoothly.

What happens next?

After you have completed your Invisalign treatment you will have to wear a form of orthodontic retainer to maintain your dental results, however the frequency will decrease as time passes.

What are the benefits?

Within the advanced field of modern dentistry there are now a wide array of orthodontic options, however we believe Invisalign holds many positive life benefits. Clear aligners are completely removable, which means they can work around your busy work and social schedule, this also makes them easier to clean properly. Clear aligners also contain no metal, which means they cause minimal abrasion to a patient’s mouth, leading to a more comfortable dental experience.