Smile brightly and confidently with teeth whitening in Sheffield

Why do teeth become yellow?

There are many different reasons why your teeth may become yellow or discoloured and they can affect how you feel about your smile and ultimately your confidence. Teeth can turn yellow over time because of poor oral hygiene.

There are various types of whitening toothpastes on the market. If you have a good dental hygiene routine in place, visit your dentist on a regular basis and use whitening toothpaste and whitening mouthwash at least twice a day, you can usually maintain a beautiful, white smile.

Yet, unfortunately, there are some other factors that affect the colour of your teeth and the look of your smile. Your lifestyle choices, such as smoking or using other tobacco products, can significantly affect the colour of your teeth and make them yellow, which is difficult to reverse by brushing alone. Furthermore, there are some foods and drinks that can also affect the colour of your teeth. With frequent consumption, fizzy drinks, red wines and coffee can be bad for your teeth and affect their appearance. The colour of your teeth may be affected by certain medicines or illnesses too and the enamel of your teeth can lose its natural shine and reflective properties as you get older.

Teeth whitening in Sheffield

Teeth whitening is a highly popular cosmetic dental treatment here at Dee Kay Dental, and we are proud to offer effective teeth whitening systems that you can use while in the comfort of your own home. These systems have been proven to work and create beautiful, white smiles for many years now.

At Dee Kay Dental, we provide the Enlighten Whitening system and Boutique Whitening system for teeth whitening. Both of these treatments can be carried out at home; however, to begin with, you will need to visit our dentist so that we can fully examine your mouth to determine whether your teeth are strong and in good health. Our dentist will also help you decide which method of teeth whitening in Sheffield will be better suited for you since different types of staining need to be treated differently.

Enlighten and Boutique are both quite suitable for superficial stains which cannot be removed by brushing. But, they are not suitable for more permanent stains such as those caused by damage to the dentine. If you choose to undergo teeth whitening using one of the two home kits, our dentist will scan your teeth. Using the scan results, we will create individually tailored trays for your mouth. You can then insert the whitening gel into the tray and then wear it during the day for a specific amount of time and overnight. This will allow the chemicals in the gel to work and gently whiten your teeth whilst you sleep.

So come speak to us at Dee Kay Dental today to find out more about the different types of teeth whitening in Sheffield, the advantages of each and how they can help you smile brightly and proudly again very soon.