Teeth whitening Sheffield designed around you

Teeth whitening Sheffield has become very popular over the past decade, and more and more over-the-counter solutions have become available. As a dental practice, we recommend that you rather come to us to find the correct solution specifically for you. Different dental whitening solutions contain carbamide peroxide in various strengths, and because this breaks down to hydrogen peroxide once applied to your teeth, we suggest a cautious approach to home use. Some of these home kits have been known to cause gastric problems, oral infections, toothaches, gum shrinking and damage to the nerves in your mouth.

Everyday eating and drinking can discolour your teeth

Dental discolouration can be caused by many things, including the foods and drinks that we consume. Coffee, red wine, tea and different colas are all contributors to dental discolouration. Different vegetables and fruits can also cause our teeth to become stained. That does not mean that we need to abstain from these foods and drinks, but regular brushing will certainly reduce the amount of discolouration that occurs. The effects of ageing are another way in which your teeth can become discoloured.

Three different options for you

We offer two different teeth whitening Sheffield options so that you can decide on the option that you feel best suits your circumstances. We will carefully examine your mouth and create a teeth-whitening solution specifically suited to your teeth and gums. The first option available to you is for us to conduct the procedure for you in our surgery so that you know the treatment is being done correctly and safely. The second option is for you to take the solution home and do your own teeth whitening. We will provide you with two syringes, which contain formulated gel and trays. We will explain in great detail the correct and safe procedure for you to follow to get good results. The third option is called the Enlighten teeth whitening Sheffield method and consists of a combination of in-surgery and at-home treatments. This is a fourteen-day treatment, and as with the at-home treatment, we will provide you with a series of trays and two syringes containing your tailor-made solution. Once you have completed the fourteen-day at-home treatment, you will need to visit us at our surgery for an appointment. The surgical treatment is non-invasive and guarantees that you achieve the results that you desire.

Your teeth are a vital part of your anatomy

Your teeth are very important in your day-to-day life because they are used to break down your food so that your stomach can digest the foods it receives more efficiently. Losing teeth can cause gastric problems; therefore, maintaining your teeth and gums is vital to your overall health. The ability to smile broadly knowing that your teeth are healthy and white is also beneficial to your mental health. So no matter which of the three options you choose to pursue, our team at Dee Kay Dental is here to guide you to ensure that you whiten your teeth correctly and safely.