What can fixing your teeth with clear braces do for you?

Patients are no longer tied to a one-device only market as there is a wealth of orthodontic choices on offer, Now, more than at any other time, thanks to product variety, orthodontics has never looked so appealing or promising. While this may be a cause to celebrate, it does present one dilemma for the patient – which one to choose?

Orthodontics is not all about correcting the alignment and aesthetics of teeth as patients soon come to appreciate the positive life changes that can be brought about by teeth-correcting treatments. The list of much sought after benefits that includes enhanced oral health, stronger physical health and greater mental wellbeing have catapulted the demand for orthodontic treatments, in particular, Clear Braces in Sheffield.

In our experience at Dee Kay Dental, during consultations with patients interested in an orthodontic treatment plan, Clear Braces in Sheffield soon becomes the winner as the treatment of choice once patients become familiar with the unique set of advantages these devices hold over alternative methods. We take a closer look at some of the reasons why.

Why make your first choice Clear Braces in Sheffield

For many patients, any of the orthodontic devices available would work well to help them achieve the results they are after so asking the question – which treatment plan should I choose – is a very relevant one. Once presented with the arm long list of benefits, it is easy to see why more patients prefer removable clear braces to correct teeth alignment issues.

Visibility (or in this case, lack thereof)

The first benefit is an obvious one – clear braces are less noticeable. Removing the high visibility factor commonly associated with conventional orthodontic devices, has more than any other plus point, helped patients find favour with clear teeth-correcting devices. In resolving the embarrassment factor, orthodontics treatments have now become the in-demand dental treatments as sought after by adult patients.

Our dentist cannot be more delighted in the fact that more and more patients are looking to fix their teeth as properly aligned teeth leads to enhanced dental health (which may mean less time in the dentist’s chair).


A close second to the challenge of visibility patients encounter with conventional orthodontic devices is that of comfort. Clear removable devices that are aligner-based like Invisalign are found to be more comfortable in the mouth. The aligners are made from smart medical-grade plastic so there are no metal edges that rub against sensitive gums and cheeks.

Practicality and convenience

The removable aligner-based system has positive benefits on patients’ lifestyles too. This is a major coup over fixed traditional devices that have to remain in place during the duration of the treatment plan. With Invisalign, patients can simply remove their device from the mouth at specific times of the day (recommended during mealtimes and when cleaning the mouth) and reinsert the tray once they have eaten or brushed their teeth.

Of course the only reliable way to find out all your options when looking at orthodontics is to schedule a consultation with our highly experienced dentist at Dee Kay Dental. We would be happy to go over everything you need to know as well as which treatment plan would benefit you best.