Straightening out your orthodontic options through Invisalign in Gainsborough

The patient comes first

Here at Dee Kay Dental, we have always put unique and individual patient needs and wants at the heart of everything we do. Our patients have always been at the core of our dental practice, and while a lot has changed over the last year, that is something which has stayed firm and true throughout everything we do.

Anyone who has misaligned teeth and is looking for treatment should consider opting for Invisalign in Gainsborough from us here at Dee Kay Dental, if they are looking for a truly unique and tailored dental experience.

What are the benefits of Invisalign in Gainsborough?

For anyone unaware, Invisalign in Gainsborough is a new form of orthodontic treatment that has been designed to leave almost no visible impact on how a patient looks whilst undertaking it.

Commonly known as ‘cosmetic orthodontics’ – Invisalign has become one of the world’s most popular dental realignment methods for teenagers and young adults.

Here are just a few of the main advantages of Invisalign over conventional orthodontic treatments.

Discreet treatment

One of Invisalign’s defining characteristics is its ability to effectively realign crooked teeth without leaving an impact on how a patient looks. This is because the retainers on which the system is based are custom built to fit every patient perfectly and allows them to realign their teeth discreetly.

Maximum comfort

Another of Invisalign’s main attractions is that it is generally considered to be far more comfortable than traditional orthodontics. This is because nothing is bonded or attached to the patient’s teeth, as a single, removable plastic retainer carries out the entire alignment process.

3D rendered results

At Dee Kay Dental, we are part of the Diamond-accredited MiSmile Network – which is the only GDP dental network that Invisalign endorses. This means that our cosmetic orthodontic experts can show patients a fully rendered 3D image of how their teeth will look after completing a course of Invisalign, which can be a great way of instilling the confidence needed to commit to the Invisalign process.

Clearly effective

Many people who have poorly shaped or misaligned teeth, especially adults, refrain from getting the help they need from an orthodontist or dental practice. They are afraid of the way treatment will affect how they look.

Invisalign provides an alternative to traditional metal or fused braces, which are often thought to have a detrimental effect on a patient’s outward appearance. Each Invisalign retainer is crafted from a digital impression or mould of a patient’s unique tooth shape and structure.

As such, when it is worn, it fits so perfectly over their existing teeth that it slips almost entirely out of vision. When worn, the retainer uses precisely placed pressure points to apply a targeted amount of force to particular teeth that are to be shifted over the treatment course.

Another massive benefit of the Invisalign system – besides its obvious cosmetic advantages – is that nothing is bonded or fixed to the patient’s teeth at all.

Because nothing is attached to their teeth and the whole process is carried out through a removable retainer, patients can choose when to carry out their treatment, such as only wearing their retainer when asleep or taking it out during a date or important social occasion.