Could our dentist in Sheffield solve your dental worries?

Let your smile shine

At Dee Kay Dental, we have always put our patients’ demands at the centre of everything we do. We are a dentist Sheffield who firmly believes that a quality dentist should offer more than purely responsive or emergency treatments. Instead, we provide care that is tailored to each patient’s needs.

At Dee Kay Dental, our dentist Sheffield recognises that the past year – with all its stresses and unpredictability – has left a lot of people’s teeth worse off than before.

However, anyone who may be concerned about their teeth or gum health needn’t worry – by visiting our dentist Sheffield, our hygienist can fully restore your smile to its former glory.

Why visit a hygienist?

While cosmetic dentistry treatments such as cosmetic whitening have been consistently favoured over recent years, at Dee Kay Dental, our hygienist has never been more popular.

The hygienist’s service, which we offer here at Dee Kay Dental, is designed to ensure that your teeth are fit healthy and to identify any signs of gum disease or poor oral health. Below are some of the main advantages of visiting our dental hygienist.

Identify disease

As mentioned, identifying and preventing gum disease is one of the main advantages of visiting our hygienist. Gum disease (or periodontal disease) comes second in leading causes of tooth loss in adults after trauma. It is also easily preventable if found early by a hygienist.

Fresher breath

Visiting our dental hygienist and having a professional cleaning service – such as a ‘scale and polish,’ removes any pockets of plaque or bacteria which may have formed between teeth. This plaque can cause persistent bad breath, and visiting our hygienist to eradicate it all can have a noticeable effect on the freshness of your breath.

Smiles for life

Regularly visiting our dental hygienist here at Dee Kay Dental is by far one of the best ways that a patient can ensure that their teeth are as strong and healthy as they should be. This prevents unnecessary or frequent dental visits and gives the patient total peace of mind.

What is a scale and polish?

Another one of the main appeals of visiting our dental hygienist here at Dee Kay Dental is a ‘scale and polish’ procedure. This is a professional deep-cleaning procedure that aims to clean a patient’s teeth and eradicate any stains and hidden build-ups of tartar, plaque, or bacteria. It typically goes as follows:

  1. Our hygienist will begin by using an ultrasound scraper to remove any pockets or plaque, or bacteria from throughout the patient’s mouth. They will also use hand-held tools to reach more difficult or smaller spaces, commonly known as ‘the scrape’
  2. Next, the hygienist will use a dental polishing tool to buffer and shine each tooth’s surfaces. This gets rid of any residual bacteria and plaque and gets rid of any discolouration, marks, or stains. The results of this stage often have a massively positive impact on the aesthetics of the patient’s teeth and leaves them as healthy as they can be.

If you feel that you could benefit from a professional dental hygienist who will do all they can to get your teeth back to full health – simply have a consultation with us here at Dee Kay Dental and see what we can do to help.