Could Invisalign in Sheffield straighten out your oral health?

Aligned with the times

At Dee Kay Dental, we have always strived to provide our patients with the highest degree of dental care possible.

As we leave behind, what was for many of our patients, a stressful and testing year, at Dee Kay Dental, we are urging anyone who feels that they may have neglected their oral health over the last year to take action and seek out treatments such as Invisalign in Sheffield to help take back control over their oral health and get the smile they deserve.

Why seek out Invisalign in Sheffield?

Having crooked or visibly out of place teeth can be the cause of several problems – both socially and orally – which, if not treated, can potentially lead to several long-term health problems.

Below are some of the most common problems and implications that having crooked or misaligned teeth can have for a patient.

Increased risk of gum disease

One of the most common problems faced by having poorly aligned teeth is gum disease. This is because due to the rough shaping and spacing of the teeth, there is a higher likelihood of pockets of plaque or bacteria forming in the more challenging to reach spaces between them, which can often develop into gum disease if not removed

Difficulty speaking

Another issue which having misaligned teeth can bring is a loss to a patient’s ability to enunciate certain words properly, which can have an incredibly negative impact on their self-esteem or social confidence.

Damaged confidence

As mentioned above, an impaired sense of self-esteem or confidence is another common and problematic consequence of having visibly misaligned teeth.

However, luckily for anyone who feels that they are experiencing one of the above consequences, by seeking out Invisalign in Sheffield from us here at Dee Kay Dental, it is possible to correct any misaligned teeth through a means which causes minimal impact on how a patient looks.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a new orthodontic alignment method that has become massively popular globally over the last few decades, especially within the demographics of teenagers, young adults and professionals. This is because the Invisalign retainer system has been designed to discreetly realign a patient’s smile without impacting on how they look.

How does it work?

While traditional orthodontics use metal brackets or wires attached to each tooth, the Invisalign system doesn’t need anything to be attached to the patient’s teeth. Preferably, the entire process of aligning missing teeth is carried out by a single, custom-made retainer.

These retainers are moulded to fit each patient’s tooth shape perfectly and use deliberately placed pressure points within their structure to apply pressure to the teeth which are out of line.

When worn over time, the pressure points push the teeth into their proper spaces. As the retainer is custom made for each patient and is crafted from a transparent and thin plastic, when it is worn, it becomes almost invisible.

This is one of the main appeals of the Invisalign process, as it means young people or teenagers can achieve a straighter smile without attracting unwanted attention.