Are clear braces in Sheffield the answer to your orthodontic worries?

Getting things straight

At Dee Kay Dental, nothing makes our practitioners happier than seeing their hard work pay off in the smiles of our patients.

The last year has been a stressful and testing one for a number of our patients, and we understand that there are many out there who feel they may have lessened their oral routines and brushing habits over the recent national lockdown measures.

Anyone who feels this way and is looking to take back some control over their oral health through cosmetic orthodontics should seriously consider clear braces in Sheffield from us here at Dee Kay Dental.

What are clear braces in Sheffield?

When people think about orthodontics, there is a certain tendency to consider traditional, fused metal braces as the only available option.

While these sorts of braces are still widely popular, they aren’t typically acclaimed for their impact on a patient’s outward appearance. This, in turn, has led to several people who could potentially benefit from orthodontic assistance to refrain from asking for it, despite the advantages of having straighter teeth.

In reality, at Dee Kay Dental our orthodontists offer a range of discreet cosmetic alternative treatments such as clear braces in Sheffield, which are designed to allow patients to achieve a straighter smile – without the treatment having much of an impact on how they look.

Why choose clear braces?

Our team here at Dee Kay Dental has much to show you for those of you that may be unaware of the option of clear braces in Sheffield as an alternative to conventional braces.

Clear braces allow patients to choose between clear and sometimes removable alternatives to conventional braces, specifically designed to have a less visible impact on how a patient looks.

Below are some of the main advantages of clear braces.

Faster results – Clear braces, whether plastic fused or removable aligners, generally achieve oral re-alignment far faster than traditional metallic braces. They have been found to improve a patient’s smile in as little as six months, but vary depending on the level of treatment needed.

Increased comfort – Another advantage of clear braces is that they are mostly far more comfortable than traditional metallic braces. This is because they make use of modern wire technologies which apply less force to the teeth.

Moulded around your lifestyle – Some clear braces can be periodically removed throughout treatment, which means that patients can tailor when they carry out their orthodontic alignment around their unique schedules.

How can I get clear braces?

If you are currently living with poorly aligned teeth and looking to make a positive and lasting change to your appearance and self-confidence, then speak to a local, trusted orthodontist about clear braces today.

By doing so, you can arrange for a professional cosmetic orthodontist to examine your oral health, and determine whether clear braces could help.

By working closely alongside you, a right orthodontist should create a uniquely tailored treatment plan that aims to realign your teeth and the potential of your smile as quickly and discreetly as possible.