How can Invisalign help older patients achieve a straighter smile?

Thanks to innovative orthodontic treatments available today, like Invisalign in Gainsborough, patients of all ages can make positive choices in regards to their oral health without having to feel self-conscious about it. The forward-thinking approach to repositioning teeth featured in Invisalign in Gainsborough addresses many of the typical challenges particularly faced by older patients.

At Dee Kay Dental we have found that older patients prefer the discreteness of the transparent plastic aligners as many do not want the fact known that they are on a teeth-straightening plan. As dental instruments such as Invisalign in Gainsborough are removable, patients are allowed to do so provided they adhere to certain conditions being met. This design element is another advantage that has found huge favour with patients.

Why Invisalign is a viable option for adult patients

Contrary to what was once believed, teeth even in adulthood can be manipulated into new positions as long as adequate pressure is applied in the process. This finding has opened up the opportunity for adult patients who missed their chance to do so as a teenager, to now reset crooked teeth. The Invisalign system requires the wearer to commit to a treatment plan that consists of a predetermined number of clear medical-grade plastic trays cleverly designed to move teeth.

It is a far more common sight for children and teenagers to wear dental braces and not so for mature patients. The appearance concerns older patients have of wearing unappealing clunky metal braces are removed as the Invisalign trays are barely noticeable to others.

There is an increased vested interest older patients have in their orthodontic treatments which is of importance when it comes to removable aligners where compliance is mandatory. The responsibility of ensuring efficacy of treatment falls onto the shoulders of patients who have to be vigilant in meeting the minimum number of hours of wearing the aligner trays. Patients love the fact that there are fewer restrictions when it comes to the kinds of foods one is allowed to consume as the trays can be simply removed before eating.

Where to seek advice

When deciding on whether orthodontic treatment is the right course of action, it is best for patients to seek a professional consultation with a registered dental practitioner. This step is crucial as there are certain conditions which have to be met before a patient can receive braces. These conditions in mature patients will include ascertaining gum and jaw bone health as well as making sure there are no underlying dental concerns.

Patients are advised that the timeframe of Invisalign treatment plans will vary according to the individual circumstances of each patient. The specific length of treatment will be determined at a consultation appointment when a dental practitioner will have the opportunity to carry out an in-depth evaluation.

Our dental practitioners at Dee Kay Dental believe it is never too late to improve dental health, whether it be through orthodontics or restorative dentistry. Patients will find that an optimal and functional healthy mouth makes it more likely that you have use of your natural teeth for longer and without problems.