Why a deep clean procedure at the dentist is indispensable to optimal dental health

Most patients are well-familiar with the generally recommended advice of – always brush your teeth before going to bed – but many people may be surprised to hear that even with the very best efforts in daily brushing and flossing, they still need to visit the Dentist in Sheffield for routine deep cleanings and check-ups.

Patients often lament when they are told that they have cavities that they have been mindful of their brushing routine. We applaud every effort our patients make to ensure their teeth and gums are clean, however, we also would like patients to bear in mind that their efforts alone are not enough to completely get rid of all the enamel-destroying bacteria that can accumulate in the mouth – and that professional help from a Dentist in Sheffield  is also needed.

It is not possible for all the surface areas of teeth to be reached by the bristles of a toothbrush and bacteria often thrive in these hard-to-reach places. Only the fine skills of trained dental professionals using purposefully-designed instruments can target these difficult-to-get-to areas in the mouth. Procedures such as the scale and polish are also commonly used in the treatments to effectively get rid of plaque and tartar that are impossible to eliminate with regular brushing.

Yes, everyday oral hygiene habits are crucial as are regular dental hygiene treatments and procedures performed by a qualified Dentist in Sheffield which are vital to keeping your oral health in check.

Top benefits of a professional scale and polish

Oral complications like gum disease and decayed teeth can not only be unpleasant to endure but costly to treat which is why we encourage all our patients to take steps to prevent them from occurring in the first place. Dental appointments for a routine dental exam or a scale and polish are indispensable in achieving this goal.

  • Achieve a deeper level of clean

Through a scaling procedure a dental practitioner is able to remove hardened formations of plaque and tartar from the surfaces of teeth, ensuring the health of teeth and gums.  Polishing teeth results in smoother and shinier looking teeth by buffing out the rough patches caused by tartar build-up. This offers a secondary benefit of making it that much harder for tartar to accumulate once again.

  • Treat bad breath issues

Seeing that a common cause of bad breath is bacteria (or tartar) in the mouth, a deep clean procedure is an effective means to dealing with bad breath.

  • Lower the risk of complications associated with certain medical conditions

Studies have established links between a person’s oral and their overall health – their cardiovascular health in particular. Gum diseases often come about when tooth decay goes untreated and one worrying concern of this condition is the increased likelihood of complications arising due to high blood pressure, stroke or heart disease and a deep professional clean minimises the development of gum issues.

By scheduling regular dental appointments with our dentists at Dee Kay Dental, you can enjoy a lifetime of optimal dental health and avoid unwanted complications such as gum infections and tooth loss. Make sure to contact us should you have any concerns about any aspect of your oral health.