What can patients expect from Dee Kay Dental’s tailor-made Invisalign treatments?

Our incredibly knowledgeable dental practitioners at Dee Kay Dental incorporate a forward-thinking approach when it comes to offering our patients quality dental care. This approach forms the foundation of our teeth-straightening treatments including Invisalign in Sheffield.

Innovative orthodontic instruments such as Invisalign in Sheffield are well-recognised world-over for featuring smart dental technologies and advanced materials that reposition teeth in an efficacious manner. We are delighted to make these progressive developments in the dental industry available to the benefit of our patients. This is not all, however, as we take treatments in at Invisalign in Sheffield Dee Kay Dental one step further. Our patients can also benefit from our special MiSmile offer.

See the potential of your smile with MiSmile

MiSmile presents an exciting element to the teeth-realignment process where a patient is able to gain an idea of what their smile can look like after successful Invisalign treatment. We are mindful of the fact that for some patients, orthodontic treatments is considered an investment that comes at a cost and being able to see the potential end result before committing to treatment is a powerful tool.

During a consultation we will provide patients with an image in 3D of what their new and improved smile would look like should they proceed with the clear braces treatment. We also make use of the iTero digital scanner – technology that enables us to offer a more confident and reliable approach to prescribing individualised treatment plans.

Top reasons patients opt for Invisalign

It is easy to see why, when factoring the numerous benefits afforded by this type of teeth-correcting system; Invisalign has captured the attention of both patients and dental practitioners alike. We are not surprised at the increasing rise in enquiries we continue to receive from patients about these removable clear braces.

  • Addresses common challenges associated with traditional orthodontic devices

It is no secret that patients can experience a few woes when having to wear conventional metal braces – challenges that range from food restrictions to announcing to the world you’re having your teeth fixed. These limitations which may at one time have discouraged patients from opting for braces, no longer apply.

  • A more comfortable way to improved oral health

One of the obstacles to keeping the mouth clean and teeth and gums healthy is crooked teeth as this condition poses difficulties in effectively removing trapped food particles. The Invisalign trays are designed to straighten teeth relatively comfortably so that daily oral hygiene maintenance efforts are made easier.

  • Simplified teeth-alignment process

The technologies involved in this orthodontic system cut down the complexities normally associated with the process of repositioning teeth. There is no need for a dental practitioner to manually adjust the device throughout the treatment plan and this translates into fewer in-clinic appointments. We provide patients with all the information about their tailor-made treatment they need.

Patients looking to correct aesthetic issues with their teeth are encouraged to seek the professional advice from a trusted qualified dental practitioner. Dee Kay Dental is a registered clinic with a particular focus on implementing ethical standards in dental care.