Why do patients opt for clear braces over conventional braces?

With the availability of Clear Braces in Sheffield at Dee Kay Dental, exciting new opportunities have opened up for patients looking to improve the function and appearance of their teeth.

Invisalign which is a top choice of Clear Braces in Sheffield and is highly favoured by patients thanks to the plethora of plus points the system commands compared to alternative orthodontic instruments. Yes, these Clear Braces in Sheffield have provided countless patients with amazing results, while also meeting other desirables such as comfort, and convenience.

How do clear braces compare to traditional braces?

  • Design

The design of clear braces, also commonly referred to as plastic aligners is fundamentally different to that of conventional orthodontic devices – metal devices attached to teeth. The transparent trays used in the Invisalign system are removable which means that it is not fixed to teeth. Unlike the metal devices that would need to be manually adjusted by a dental professional to move teeth into the desired position, all the patient needs to do on the Invisalign treatment plan, is to change the set of trays at intervals as directed by our dentist.

  • Comfort

More patients report that there is minor discomfort (there may be a slight adjustment period initially experienced) but this can be overcome relatively quickly with a few tips and tricks. There are no protruding metal parts that bite into the inside of cheeks or gums as is the case with traditional braces.

  • Fewer personal sacrifices

It is a common woe for patients on traditional orthodontic care to have to give up certain favourite foods as these may pose a risk to the metal braces. Seeing that Invisalign’s trays are removed before a meal (and reinserted after), patients are free to enjoy the foods they love. Patients who wear conventional metal orthodontic devices may also have to refrain from participating in certain activities to avoid damaging the device, or injuring themselves in the process, in case of an accident. Trays can be removed before commencement of the activity and stored safely (as recommended by our dentist).

This advantage offers another bonus – with no trapped food particles to remove from metal wires and brackets (which can be tricky to manage and time-consuming), less time is needed for oral hygiene maintenance. Patients are still required to keep up with daily teeth brushing and flossing, and in addition, to sanitise trays as bacteria can accumulate in them too.

  • Orthodontic care the discreet way

The clear-like material used to manufacture the aligner trays has eliminated the concern orthodontic patients have about it being known they are wearing braces. This advantage has resulted in an increasing number of adult patients choosing to straighten their teeth.

Let our experienced dentists at Dee Kay Dental help you take care of your smile. We will gladly help you explore your orthodontic options. We are a proud MiSmile dental clinic which means that you get a sneak preview of what your smile could look like at the consultation appointment. We also make use of 3D iTero technology (digital scanning) as part of the Invisalign treatment process.