Why choose our dentist in Sheffield?

At our clinic situated within the heart of Sheffield, we understand that choosing the right dental surgery to accommodate for all of your dental needs can be a tricky decision for many of our patients, which is why our team of dental healthcare professionals strive to offer a superior standard of care within the walls of our modern and friendly dental clinic. In addition to embracing the latest advancements within dental technology and using high quality materials to ensure our patients achieve the best possible results for their unique dental cases, we also choose to promote the importance of preventive dentistry at Dee Kay Dental.

Emphasising the importance of preventive dental care at our dentist Sheffield

At our dentist Sheffield we understand that the ever increasing variety of dental treatments now made readily available can unfortunately cause many patients to forget the importance of preventive dental care, which is why we strive to prevent this from happening, by promoting the importance of dental hygiene for all of our patients.

Did you know?

Preventive dental care could be argued as the basis of dentistry, many patients however may overlook their scheduled biannual dental check-up which can cause problems later on down the line. A twice annual check-up at our surgery can ensure your teeth stay clean and healthy, but why do so many patients seem to place their dental hygiene at the bottom of their priority list? An individual may choose to overlook their scheduled dental check-up for a wide variety of reasons, just one example of which may be due to a busy work or social life, or possibly the belief that they maintain an adequate dental hygiene routine within the comfort of their own home, unfortunately however this is not always the case.

What to expect from a biannual check-up at our surgery

Dental anxiety is commonly perceived as being experienced by children and young adults, however nerves within a dental environment are in fact extremely common with patients of all ages, and something we see frequently at our clinic. If you are an individual who is feeling anxious prior to your visit to our surgery, then you may wish to know what to expect from a regular check-up with a member of our team.

In addition to offering regular check-ups to remove the build-up of tartar from the surface of our patients’ teeth (this treatment is commonly referred to as a ‘scale and polish’ within a dental environment) we also check the mouth for cavities and general signs of wear and decay, to ensure any developing concerns are spotted early to determine the best possible course of action for our patients.

What makes our dental approach unique?

At our surgery situated within the heart of Sheffield every member of our dental team all share the same passion for the high standard of dentistry we offer to all of our patients, however we also believe that strong healthy teeth are the foundation for a long-lasting and problem-free smile. If your biannual check-up is overdue, then why not get in touch with a member of our team to stay on top of your dental hygiene with our dentist Sheffield?