What is Invisalign in Sheffield?

Invisalign in Sheffield is a popular brand provider of clear aligner orthodontic appliances which are offered by many modern dental clinics on a global scale, in order to accommodate  patients who are searching for a more discreet alternative to straighten their smiles.

What makes Invisalign in Sheffield so unique?

Unlike traditional metal appliances, clear aligners are virtually invisible within the mouth and work to slowly apply pressure on the surface of the teeth, therefore resulting in a far straighter, confident, and consequently happier smile. If you are an individual who is searching for an orthodontic appliance which possesses subtlety, whilst producing effective dental results, then Invisalign in Sheffield could be perfect for you.

Are Invisalign clear aligners right for me?

At Dee Kay Dental within Sheffield we take great pride in the impeccably high standard of dentistry we offer to our patients. We choose to adopt a ‘patient-centred’ dental approach in order to ensure our patients achieve the best possible results for their unique dental cases. With this approach to dental care at the forefront of our minds, we work with our patients to ensure both parties are confident that the chosen appliance will produce optimum results. Despite every individual dental case differing greatly at our clinic, Invisalign clear aligners have proven an extremely popular option for many of our patients.

What are the benefits of receiving Invisalign clear aligners?

Clear aligners are greatly increasing in popularity within the modern field of orthodontic dental care, and for obvious reasons. In addition to possessing an almost invisible physical appearance (which many patients are initially drawn to) they also produce effective dental results which are long lasting for our patients. Despite their undeniable popularity however, many of our patients may be unsure of what to expect from the treatment process at our clinic.

What should patients expect from the Invisalign clear aligner treatment process at Dee Kay dental clinic?

At our surgery within Sheffield every member of our professional dental specialist team possesses the same shared passion for the dentistry they provide within the walls of our clinic. With this high standard in mind, we always strive to ensure our patients know exactly what to expect before embarking on their treatment journey with our team using clear treatment plans, a virtual depiction of how the patient’s teeth will adjust and a clear picture of the end result. Much like any dental treatment offered by our experts, we treat the dental case of each patient as entirely unique, Invisalign clear aligners are therefore no exception.

Ensuring our patients achieve the best possible results

Many of our patients (not just children) may be feeling anxious within a dental environment, which is why we aim to make every patient feel as comfortable as possible within the walls of our surgery as we wish them to have access to the very best treatments. Always let us know if you need help with dental anxiety. After booking in an initial consultation with a member of our team to fully explain the treatment process, you’re all set to achieve your dream smile.

One step closer to achieving your dream dental results

During an initial consultation our experienced team will answer any questions you have regarding your chosen treatment, whilst ensuring you are happy with your expected procedure. Once both our team and a patient have decided that clear aligners are the best possible option for their particular dental needs, the treatment can commence.