Are clear braces in Sheffield right for me?

Clear braces can be a perfect alternative for many patients who are looking to straighten, and realign their overcrowded teeth within the mouth. Despite traditional metal braces and clear braces striving for the same result, they both do so in varying ways, they look very different too!

How do clear braces in Sheffield compare to traditional metal braces?

Traditional metal braces have been around in the field of dentistry for many years, and work by applying pressure on the teeth, in order to encourage them to move in a straighter direction. Traditional braces are proven to be an extremely effective way to treat more severe overbites and overcrowding, however their appearance could be argued as unsightly by many.

What are their benefits?

Both traditional braces and clear braces in Sheffield produce long lasting and effective orthodontic results, however clear aligners could be argued as more aesthetically pleasing, due to their lack of metal wires and brackets. Clear aligners are extremely comfortable within the mouth, they cause minimal or even no abrasion, and fit perfectly to the teeth, due to their customised nature.


Aside from their invisible physical appearance, clear braces are convenient. The specific brand provider we use is Invisalign, which produces extremely popular braces and has created over four million happy smiles. Invisalign helps to promote both healthy and straight teeth, due to their removable nature they can be cleaned thoroughly, and can even be removed for important social and work events.

What do they do?

Invisalign straightens and resolves overbites of the teeth, resulting in a happier smile for all of our patients. In addition to their appearance, Invisalign can also produce orthodontic results in as little as six weeks! Which can be perfect for patients who are preparing for a significant family or work event.

The target audience

Unfortunately Invisalign aligners are not suitable for children, however they can be perfect for teenages and adults who may feel as if obvious dental work will hinder their work and social prospects, as well as their self-esteem. Invisalign are often favoured by adults who have previously received dental work, but have unfortunately failed to maintain their results through the use of retainers. Aside from many of our patients using Invisalign for an orthodontic refresh however, they can be used for first time brace wearers!

Don’t just take our word for it!

Choosing a dental clinic can be difficult, which is why we aim to stand out from the crowd! Our dental clinic in Sheffield has many years of experience within the field of orthodontics, however we know a second opinion is always valued.

Located on our modern dental website we display a wide selection of happy patient reviews, all of which are legitimate patients from our clinic. If you are considering receiving treatment with our dentists, but want to see what other patients are saying, then feel free to view our many patient reviews!

Your future dental results

Patient testimonials are great, and are now a highly valued factor within the field of competitive dentistry, however we believe that digital results may also help our patients. Located on our ‘clear braces’ page we boast many before and after photos of our patients’ post-treatment smiles.