What do I need to know about Invisalign in Sheffield?

Invisalign is a design of orthodontics which is rising dramatically in popularity within the field of dental work. Invisalign is in fact an extremely popular brand provider of clear aligners, which are a discreet form of orthodontics (in comparison to traditional metal braces). Invisalign has provided happy smiles to over four million patients, and can help amend moderate overcrowding, and even over bites (front protrusion of the teeth).

Would Invisalign in Sheffield be right for me?

If you are suffering from crooked teeth which consequently diminishes your self-esteem, then Invisalign treatment could be perfect for you. Invisalign is commonly used for patients who have previously received orthodontics (such as traditional metal braces), and who wish for a result refresh, however they also work as first time braces.

How do Invisalign in Sheffield work?

Invisalign are considered as a revolutionary form of orthodontics, due to their invisible appearance, and their long lasting and effective dental results. In terms of the treatment process, our dental healthcare professionals within Sheffield will first discuss your treatment within an initial consultation.

What to expect

During an initial consultation we will determine whether Invisalign is right for your individual dental case by carrying out several dental examinations, the treatment can then begin!

The first step to your dream smile..

After an initial consultation we can create your dental impressions. Our dental clinic is one of just forty members of the MiSmile network within the United Kingdom, meaning we have plenty of experience within the field of orthodontics. Our clinic removes the need for messy dental putty, which can be unpleasant for many patients (especially those who are nervous) instead we use a new digital system.

Embracing modern dental technology

Our iTero digital system allows our patients to receive a three dimensional impression of their mouth, they can even see their future smile, which can be a huge advantage for many of our patients.

Did you know?

Our three dimensional scanning system consultation is now offered for free, with no requirement or obligation to proceed with treatment.

How does Invisalign produce dental results?

Many of our patients may have heard of this popular brand provider, however they may be unsure of how they actually work. The clear aligner trays are replaced every few weeks by our dentists in Sheffield, this allows the teeth to slowly move into the desired dental position which is determined before treatment starts. The clear aligners are plastic which means they cause no abrasions to the teeth and gums, they gently apply pressure on the teeth until the goal position is achieved, retainers are then used to maintain our patient’s smile.

How much does Invisalign cost?

At our clinic in Sheffield we offer Invisalign for an amount which can be affordable for many of our patients. Much like any dental treatment however, the price can depend greatly on the length of the patient’s treatment, prices can therefore vary.

Do I have to pay for my treatment upfront?

No! Our clinic understands that many of our patients may prefer to pay for their chosen treatment using instalments, which is why we offer finance payment plans. This enables many of our patients to enjoy a treatment the cost of which they may once have thought prohibitive.