FAQs about teeth whitening while wearing braces from Dee Kay Dental

So, you have had braces fitted or are wearing an aligner as an adult, but aren’t happy with how your teeth look.

Although they are gradually becoming straighter, you can’t help but notice that the enamel of your teeth is starting to look yellow and stained, prompting you to feel less than secure about showing off your teeth. Can something be done?

At Dee Kay Dental, we have helped many patients with issues surrounding teeth whitening in Sheffield, and are aware of the challenges that wearing a brace or aligner can bring. While we will always aim to fit the most discreet brace or aligner, in some instances it is only possible to fit metal options, to straighten the teeth which we have to work harder to keep healthy. But don’t worry! With our expertise, your teeth will look stunning throughout and after your orthodontic treatment.

Here, we answer some of the most asked questions relating to teeth whitening in Sheffield and the wearing of an orthodontic brace or aligner.

Can I whiten my teeth while wearing braces?

Even if your teeth are severely stained, we will usually advise against teeth whitening in Sheffield if you have braces fitted.

Why? Because your braces are attached to your teeth using dental cement; so to whiten them, we would need to either remove the brackets or we would have to whiten around them. So, the day your braces came off, you would have irregular whitening across your teeth.

Also, whitening can heighten sensitivity, which isn’t something you want to endure when your teeth are being moved.

I’ve had my braces removed; when can I whiten my teeth?

When your braces are removed, it is likely that there will be some staining.

But it is important to wait at least 4-6 months before undertaking professional tooth whitening. This is because your gums will still probably be a bit sore after the orthodontic treatment, and so, you will need to wait for them to settle before attempting to whiten your teeth.

We would also advise against using any over-the-counter whitening kits during this time too.

Do aligners impact on whitened teeth?

While aligners are often gentler on the teeth than traditional braces, we must once again state that it is unsuitable to whiten while using any removable aligner, even Invisalign.

This is once again due to the sensitivity of the teeth as they are being moved, making issues such as discomfort and prolonged sensitivity more common.

So, even with aligners, we advise waiting for a minimum of 3 months post-treatment to undertake whitening procedures with our team or at home.

How can I keep my teeth as white as possible while wearing a brace or aligner?

There are a few ways you can keep your teeth sparkling, even when you are wearing a fitted brace.

Of course, good oral hygiene is key, but also refrain from smoking and if possible use orthodontic flossers, which are designed to be used specifically with braces. We also recommend the use of a water flosser.

For more advice on how to keep your teeth white during orthodontic treatment, talk to our team.