The use of implants in Sheffield for tooth loss

Have you lost a tooth or teeth? For an adult, tooth loss can be an extremely distressing and uncomfortable situation to be in but do not fret or suffer in silence. Help is on hand here at Dee Kay Dental! Speak to our friendly and experienced team to find out about implants in Sheffield today.

Why do we lose our teeth as adults?

Tooth loss can occur as a result of many different issues and is, unfortunately, a natural part of old age. The main cause of tooth loss is usually poor oral hygiene. If you do not visit your dentist regularly, then you cannot be sure of the condition of your teeth and gums. You may brush twice a day and be free of any form of tooth sensitivity; however, unless your teeth are examined professionally by a dentist, then you may have underlying issues with your teeth and not know about it.

Many dental issues do not present any symptoms until it is too late. By regularly visiting your dentist, you can make sure that your teeth are free of excess plaque and tartar as these are the two main culprits in the majority of dental issues. You can also ensure that, if you begin to experience problems with your teeth, they are detected early by your dentist and treated effectively, preventing further complications in the future.

Implants for tooth loss

Sometimes, tooth loss can occur as a result of an injury to your mouth that knocks out a tooth or multiple teeth. Whatever the reason for your tooth loss, here at Dee Kay Dental, we are ready to help you using implants in Sheffield, which are an effective and popular method of addressing tooth loss in this era of modern dental technology. Missing teeth are a thing of the past, and, with all the different options available for you, there is no need to put yourself through that. At Dee Kay Dental, we use implants in Sheffield to not only help improve the look of your smile but also restore the function of your teeth and protect your remaining teeth by providing them with the support that they need.

Do not delay, speak to us today!

You must contact us at Dee Kay Dental as soon as possible following the loss of your tooth because, if you do not address the issue for a while, you may begin to experience bone decay where your tooth has fallen out. This would be a hindrance if you choose to undergo implants since you would not have enough bone density for the implant to be inserted securely. So, the longer you delay the process the lower the possibility of you having different options available.

Call us today and book an appointment to see us in person. Our dentist will examine your mouth, clean your teeth where necessary and decide whether dental implants are the right treatment option for you while allowing you to explore other options here at our practice.