Have you heard clear braces stain easily? 5 myths about Invisalign aligners debunked

Dentistry is a funny thing.

While it is essential for maintaining overall health and can help to boost confidence, it is prone to more myths and legends than any other field of medicine.

Of course, many people grew up hearing myths in relation to procedures like root canals and braces, but as the popularity of cosmetic dentistry has grown, this area has now attracted its own share of myths and legends.

And, just like the myths surrounding orthodontic braces and endodontics, these myths rarely have a positive spin. Many people state that cosmetic options are more prone to failure than stated by dentists, leaving your smile looking worse than it did before you had the treatment. And, when it comes to cosmetic aligners and braces, there is certainly no shortage of mistruths to be found online.

At Dee Kay Dental, we are familiar with all manner of cosmetic dentistry and can help you to decide which treatment is most suited to helping you get the smile you have always dreamed of. In relation to invisible and clear braces in Sheffield, we will always endeavour to choose the most suitable option for your unique clinical presentation, so you can get that straighter smile you deserve in no time!

But what are some of the most persistent myths about invisible and clear braces in Sheffield? Read on to find out.

The aligners stain easily

While clear braces in Sheffield are designed to be discreet, many people worry that the aligners are prone to staining.

This is not true and, during the course of treatment with a brace like Invisalign, you will be changing the retainer you wear on average every 2 weeks, so there should not be adequate time for stains to form.

Invisalign is not suitable for teenagers

While Invisalign and other cosmetic braces are aimed at adults, this is due to the preference in older people for more discreet options.

Even though there is no Invisalign targeted at very young children yet, many teenagers have undertaken treatment with this brace as it can treat many orthodontic issues experienced by teenagers.

These braces can’t fix complex issues

While the only person who can determine your suitability for Invisalign is a member of our team at Dee Kay Dental, this brace can indeed treat more complex alignment issues.

Invisalign is renowned for reversing issues such as overcrowding and spacing, so if you have these issues, you may still be suited to this brace. Which is good news for some.

The aligners are uncomfortable

As they are custom-fitted to your teeth at each stage of the realignment process and as there is no protruding metal to rub against your inner cheeks, Invisalign braces are very comfortable to wear.

Cosmetic braces are too expensive

It is true that many patients have concerns about the cost of cosmetic braces.

Luckily, at Dee Kay Dental, we are able to offer suitable patients 0% credit options, allowing you to spread the overall cost into affordable monthly chunks. Now that’s something worth smiling about!