Are there any health benefits to Invisalign braces? Read on to find out!

In the world of dentistry, a straighter smile is a healthier smile.

Yes, it’s true! While many people assume that a straighter smile only signifies a cosmetic advantage, having a straight set of teeth has long been linked to a myriad of health benefits, ranging from cardiovascular advantages to digestive health.

Of course, if you are one of the few naturally blessed people in society with a straight smile, this is fantastic news. But, if you are one of the 75% of people who have a misaligned grin, then this can be worrying news. And, if you are an adult, you may also believe that it is too late to straighten your smile.

But, there is hope; depending on your overall oral health and the severity of your misalignment, you may be suitable for treatment with a cosmetic aligner.

At Dee Kay Dental, we are proud to offer our suitable patients cosmetic aligners, particularly invisible options such as Invisalign in Sheffield. This remarkable aligner is, as the name suggests, invisible once in your mouth and works to straighten your smile in an accelerated time span.

But are there any health benefits of using Invisalign in Sheffield? Read on to find out!

Better oral health

It is a well known fact that straighter or correctly aligned teeth are easier to clean correctly; there are fewer gaps for plaque to accumulate.

If you have a misaligned smile, while you may be brushing your teeth vigorously, it is likely that you are missing areas which may be hiding plaque and bacteria, this may unfortunately lead to tooth decay and gum disease. When you straighten your smile with Invisalign in Sheffield, these areas will reduce as the brace straightens your teeth, leading to improved oral health as a bonus.

Digestive health

While we often overlook the functionality of our teeth in favour of the cosmetic, they are the first step in the digestive system.

Like a cog in a machine, if there is a misalignment, it can prevent them from chewing and grinding food correctly, which may cause digestive problems such as acid reflux and heartburn. And so, if you have an invisible brace fitted, your chewing habits will improve and you will notice a reduction in digestive problems.

Improved sleep

When our upper and lower set of teeth do not fit together correctly, it can lead to nocturnal grinding. As you can imagine, this behaviour can lead to disrupted sleep and tensing of muscles in the neck and jaw.

As this invisible brace realigns your teeth, any grinding or bruxing behaviours should subside as your teeth slot together, allowing you to get a more relaxed 40 winks.

No more headaches!

Unsurprisingly, with all the tensing of neck muscles due to bruxing and tensing, misaligned teeth have been linked to tension-type headaches and recurring migraines.

Once you begin treatment with an invisible aligner from Dee Kay Dental, any morning headaches that you had should vanish along with the occurrence of migraines. What’s not to like about that?