Worried about having a root canal? 5 advantages of them from our dentist at Dee Kay Dental

While many dental patients are not overly excited when they are informed that they need a root canal, there are many advantages to this procedure.

High on the list of the most disliked dental treatments, root canals have a bad name; myths about them killing the tooth and causing infection have been hard for dental professionals to

dispel, leading many worried patients to opt for extraction over this endodontic option.

So, before you decide to have a tooth removed as opposed to a simple root canal, there are many benefits that you are unaware of when it comes to endodontics.

At Dee Kay Dental, our team is dedicated to providing you with the most simple and straightforward treatments to treat any dental issues you may be having. Our dentist in Sheffield will always welcome you with a compassionate and understanding attitude and will help you get your oral health back on track, while aiding you to make your smile look fantastic.

What are some of the benefits of choosing a root canal over an extraction? Read on to find out!


While your root canal may be spread over 2 sessions, it may actually save time in the long run. While our dentist in Sheffield will be able to extract a tooth in under 30 minutes, you have to also factor in how long your mouth will need to heal following the extraction and the potential infections which may also occur. As soon as your root canal is complete, you can use the tooth immediately with no healing time required.

Easier long-term

Again, while asking our dentist in Sheffield to remove your tooth may seem preferable, in the long-term, root canals are often more beneficial.

As there is no gap, there is no place for plaque to accumulate and so, there is reduced risk of issues such as tooth decay, gum disease and abscess formation. Also, you won’t have to save for any cosmetic treatments designed to conceal the gap in your smile.

Easy on the eyes

If you need a root canal performed on a tooth at the front of your mouth, there is an obvious aesthetic benefit to be had.

Rather than being left with a gap which may impact on your confidence, you will have a fully formed tooth, which is the same colour as your surrounding teeth and is as strong as them too. Brilliant!

Time tested

Post root canal, many patients worry that this procedure may fail, leading to the tooth requiring an extraction anyway.

However, modern endodontics are time tested, and a root canal can last for the rest of your life, provided that you take adequate care of your dental health.


A gap in your tooth will attract plaque and bacteria; left unchecked, these can lead to more serious issues such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and even cancer.

A root canal bypasses all of these issues and allows you to retain a higher level of health in the long-term. Who could ask for more?