Am I suitable for Invisalign in Gainsborough?

You might have heard about the innovative technique that millions of patients worldwide have enjoyed using to straighten their teeth and realign their bite, both conveniently and discreetly.

Invisalign in Gainsborough is a teeth straightening system unlike anything else available. Rather than being a fixed device like most traditional braces are, which use brackets that are attached to your teeth and wires attached to these brackets, these removable devices are simply clear trays that fit over your teeth.

You wear these aligners for about 22 hours each day, only removing them to eat and brush your teeth. They are extremely convenient for this reason, because you are not restricted to certain foods that you can eat and you don’t need to use specialised tools to ensure that your teeth are clean throughout your journey.

It is also a convenient option for working adults or simply for people who do not wish to attend regular dental appointments, because you can be given a few months’ worth of aligners at one time, putting you in the driver’s seat, so to speak, and allowing you to take control of your teeth straightening journey.

Determining whether you are viable for the Invisalign in Gainsborough treatment is straightforward enough. You should contact us at Dee Kay Dental and inform us of your interest in the treatment so that we can set up a consultation booking with the iTero scanner.

This unique scanning software is effectively the mastermind of this treatment, scanning your teeth and jaw and pinpointing the positions of interest that need to be altered in order to recreate your smile into a straighter, healthier version. The iTero scanner then determines the precise method which should be adopted to allow for the fastest, safest and most effective movement of your teeth and digitally builds the aligner trays that enable you to physically achieve it.

We can show you the progression that you will experience should you decide to use Invisalign in Gainsborough to straighten your teeth with a visual representation of the changes you will undergo from month to month.

This is both enlightening and exciting, empowering you with the tools that you need in order to achieve your goal of having a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing smile.

What determines viability of this treatment?

Essentially, after the scan we will be able to determine whether this treatment is suitable for you. Thankfully, most individuals find that they are able to use Invisalign, as they have common misalignments that are either mild to moderate in severity.

Some of our patients who have a more unique complaint or a severe misalignment may find that this treatment might not be as effective as other options out there. We will discuss this with such individuals and explain how a fixed device will enable them to enjoy a better quality of life.

If you’re interested in understanding more about this treatment and would like to know if you are an individual who can benefit from the convenience and ease that this treatment offers, then get in touch with us for your scan, so you can learn more about your oral health and how to improve it.