The things your dentist in Sheffield can do

Our dentist Sheffield doesn’t only consider your oral health and hygiene by monitoring the condition of your teeth and gums during the frequent consultations that are so important to your wellbeing.

They can also offer you a range of both cosmetic and restorative solutions to improve the appearance and health of your teeth, so that you can enjoy your smile as you should.

One such treatment that is common amongst both teenagers and adults alike is teeth straightening. Our dentist Sheffield is able to examine your bite and the alignment of your teeth to determine what kind of teeth-straightening device would be best suited to your physical needs.

By discussing your expectations and lifestyle choices with our oral healthcare professionals, we are also able to accommodate these factors into the decision that will be made on what style of teeth straightening device would be best suited to you.

Some people look predominantly on the cost of the treatment, whilst others are more focused on the length of time it will take to complete the procedure, so that they can begin a life with straighter and healthier teeth. Other people are concerned about the journey itself, hoping to find a good balance between convenience and effectiveness.

With your dentist Sheffield, you can make an informed decision about what device might suit you best, whether it be a fixed device such as a traditional brace or a removable device such as the popular Invisalign. If you are viable for such treatments and willing to move ahead, then we can begin the process that will, in several months time, allow you to smile with confidence knowing that your health has improved as well as your self-esteem.

How can straight teeth improve my health?

There are several ways in which straightening your teeth can improve your health. Firstly, if you have an incorrect bite, you could find that you cannot chew or even speak correctly. This can have lasting implications and should be dealt with as quickly as possible.

Headaches, jaw pain and neck pain are but a few side effects of an incorrect bite and if you are unable to chew your food correctly, then you will find that your digestive system will not work as well as it should.

If not looked at in a holistic way, you may never discover the reason for some general health complaints that you are presenting with. By having your bite examined, you may be able to source the root cause of other lasting conditions that you have needed to live with over the years, a definite advantage to your wellbeing.

Teeth that are crossed together or tightly cramped are more difficult to clean and therefore you are more susceptible to oral health conditions. Even if you regularly get your teeth professionally cleaned, the build up of bacteria and food debris will eat away at your enamel over time, causing cavities and if this is not seen to, you can lose your teeth as a result.

With proactive care, you can enjoy a better looking and feeling smile for life.