Are you ready for Invisalign in Sheffield?

Many adults who are in need of teeth and jaw adjustments tend to hesitate in seeking help for many reasons. It could be due to embarrassment, as is often the case with general dentist consultations involving people who have less than perfect smiles. Perhaps it is the money factor, because braces are not exactly cheap and most of us feel as if we have more pressing needs for the money that we have earned and saved.

Is it a time issue? We do know that you need to be committed to the process of straightening your teeth, which involves frequent visits to your dentist in order to tighten the wires, should you choose to wear a fixed device. This might not be suitable for you and your lifestyle, so you may simply continue to put it off until it is a more viable option for you.

We also recognise that many working adults feel like they cannot wear traditional braces, for fear of judgement in a professional or social setting. Although a couple of years of treatment has lifelong benefits, we understand that these months can be critical in our lives in establishing the right connections and perhaps moving up in the business world. There may be some instances where we feel as if wearing braces might hinder our opportunities, whether these fears are justified or not.

So, if we were to tell you that there is an option available out there that is more discreet than traditional fixed braces, as well as being more convenient, where you can choose when to visit your dentist and how often, then do you think you are ready for this option?

If so, we are excited to introduce to you the extremely popular teeth-straightening system known as Invisalign in Sheffield.

What is this treatment and is it suitable for me?

Invisalign in Sheffield involves a removable, clear aligner that pushes teeth gradually into their correct positions. We use the iTero scanner to determine the severity of your teeth and jaw misalignment and to determine whether you are suitable for this kind of treatment.

In more severe and complex cases, your dentist may recommend that a fixed device is more suitable, giving more control over the movement of your teeth and allowing us to be more responsive to your needs. However, if your misalignment is a relatively common one and is mild to moderate in severity, then we are confident that Invisalign in Sheffield will be able to perform splendidly in creating that smile that you have always wanted.

Age is not really a factor at all and teenagers and adults alike can enjoy this style of treatment to move their teeth into their correct alignment and adjust their bite. Adults may find that they need a slightly longer amount of time to adjust their smile, however in the overall scheme of things this is relatively insignificant.

This is only because bones and ligaments are a little less open to movement once they have set in adulthood. You should expect to wear your retainer for longer as well, to allow your teeth to relax into their corrected positions.