I wish my teeth looked different

Our teeth can be something that we become severely self-conscious about. At Dee Kay Dental we can help you work towards a smile that you can’t wait to show off. If you are unhappy about the appearance of your teeth this can mean that you take notice of how your teeth look when you smile or laugh. Does this sound like you? If you’re spending all your time worrying about how you look then you are not truly relishing in the thing that made you smile in the first place. We can help you fix this. This article will run through the treatment, how it works, what you could gain from it other than just straighter teeth and what you should do next.

What is this treatment?

Clear braces in Sheffield are a brilliant dental treatment that many patients have had and have enjoyed the effects of. Many people consider braces but are put off by the idea that they will have to wear metal braces on their teeth for a considerable length of time. However, with ever-increasing advancements in dental technology, it means that not all dental corrections need to be done with traditional braces anymore. Clear braces use a series of aligners that are designed to fit individual users and when used in succession the aligners gently force the teeth to their correct position.

How does this treatment work?

Clear braces in Sheffield are made specifically to fit each user. A digital image is created of the teeth in place of old fashioned molds or impressions. The image is used to create the aligners that you will be provided with, this means that they are specific to the shape of your mouth. The image that is taken can also be used to create a view of how the teeth would look after the treatment is completed. Each aligner is worn for around a week and then you are instructed to move onto the next aligner, each moving your teeth closer and closer to their desired position.

What are the benefits of this treatment?

If you decide that this treatment option is for you then you open yourself up to more benefits than just the straighter teeth that come as a result of using the braces. This treatment can correct bite issues alongside overcrowded teeth. As the teeth are moved into a more aligned state they become easy to clean. This means that you can floss and clean your teeth to a higher degree and this can have positive effects on your oral health. The risk of periodontal disease can be dramatically reduced as you keep your mouth cleaner in its new straighter state.

Next steps

If you wish to know more about clear braces in Sheffield, then why not have a look at the website to get some more details about the treatment. We can begin to work together to build your new smile. This treatment is widely available but not a treatment that can be used to treat all dental misalignments, if this is the case for you, our dentists will work with you to see what other treatment options could be available for you.