What is this treatment?

Invisalign in Sheffield is a treatment that is increasingly becoming more accessible for patients. Are you unhappy with the appearance of your teeth? Do you wish your teeth could look different? Do you wish that your teeth would appear straighter? If so this could be the treatment for you. Many people wish that their smile looked different but are unsure about how this could be rectified, we could help with this. This treatment is a valid option for those patients looking to straighten their smile. The treatment uses a series of clear aligners that are specially designed to fit the shape of your mouth. These aligners gently force your teeth into their new position. This treatment is a brilliant alternative to fixed traditional braces as they make the process even easier. Many patients have been impressed with the results of this treatment and recommend the service. This article will run through the process of using these aligners and then conclude with the benefits these aligners can provide you with, should you decide that this is the right treatment option for you.

What is the process?

Invisalign in Sheffield follows a specially designed process in order to have the best possible effect on your teeth. The team that will be dealing with your treatment are highly experienced in the usage of this specific equipment. We also have lots of experience with using the iTero technology that allows us to gain an image of the layout of your teeth without having to take uncomfortable impressions or moulds, both of which, when using the old process, used to be quite messy. We use the iTero system to create a 3D image and use this image to create the series of aligners that you will be using. These aligners fit perfectly because of the 3D image that is taken. We can also provide you with an image of how your teeth will look once the aligners have done their job. In the next section, we will discuss what benefits you could receive from using this treatment.

What are the benefits?

Invisalign in Sheffield can offer you much more than just straighter teeth. The benefits of straighter teeth also means that your teeth become easier to clean, this, in turn, means that your chances of developing gum disease are significantly reduced alongside other periodontal issues. Bite issues such as open and crossbites can be eliminated with this treatment. Overcrowded teeth is also something that can be benefited from using this treatment. All of these benefits are brilliant, however, one of the best benefits of this treatment is that your self-confidence can skyrocket. This is because a good smile can have a major impact on your body confidence and how you view yourself. We would love to help you on your journey to a straighter smile.Why not browse our website to see what other dental treatments that we offer and see if any of these treatments could also be useful for you.