Implants Sheffield: putting your smile back together again

As we all know, when Humpty Dumpty had a great fall, he couldn’t be put back together again, despite the best efforts of all the King’s men. If you have lost teeth due to an accident, or due to other issues such as poor oral hygiene, medication or illness, you don’t need to worry! At Dee Kay Dental, we can replace missing teeth using implants Sheffield. Dental implants are a convenient, discreet and reliable method of replacing missing teeth and the result is a natural looking smile that functions like one too!

What are dental implants?

When you have missing teeth we can use metal screws for the purpose of acting like artificial roots for your replacement teeth. We attach the screws to your jawbone and they become firmly fixed in place, once the body’s tissues have healed around them. We then attach either crowns, bridges or dentures to the screws, depending on how many teeth you need to replace. We typically use crowns for single tooth replacements, bridges for several teeth and dentures are used to replace a whole set of missing teeth.

Why should I consider using dental implants?

You’d be forgiven for wanting to look complete again. Your smile will undoubtedly look improved aesthetically, once your lost teeth are replaced with implants Sheffield. But, there are more reasons to replace your smile than just appearances. By replacing your missing teeth, you are protecting any remaining natural teeth that you have, and the gums, from overexposure to bacteria. What’s more, if you have developed issues with your speech due to having missing teeth, you should find that this improves once your teeth have been replaced with implants. But, that’s not all! You may also have noticed that by having missing teeth, your face has become gaunt. With dental implants fitted, you should find that your face regains its structure and looks more youthful and fresher – that’s definitely a bonus worth trying!

Another benefit of choosing implants Sheffield is the fact that you won’t need to change your diet. With implants, you should find that they function exactly like your natural teeth, which means that you won’t need to avoid chewy or hard foods for fear of them loosening. You will also be able to chat away without the fear of your replacement teeth clacking or giving the game away that you don’t have a full set of natural teeth. Other people shouldn’t have a clue that your teeth aren’t all natural, as replacement teeth are made to complement any remaining natural teeth that you may have, as well as each other. There are so many reasons to get excited about dental implants and our experience and expertise in this field allows us to see many patients feeling that way by the end of their treatment.

If you are feeling nervous at the thought of implants, don’t be. You will only need to have local anaesthetic to have the screws fitted as it doesn’t require major surgery. You will come for an appointment to have the screws placed and temporary replacement teeth will be added to them. Once the body’s tissues have healed, you will then just need to come back to see us for your permanent replacement teeth to be attached to the screws. If you take care of your implants by brushing and flossing regularly and coming to see us for your routine dental check-ups, you could even find that your implants last you a lifetime. So don’t worry about the thought of having to come and spend lots of time with us in the years to come because of your dental implants – although we would love to see you!

Initial consultation

To find out more about whether or not dental implants would be the right treatment for you, all you need to do is call us to book in for an initial consultation. We will examine your mouth and determine what the best treatment options are for you specifically. If dental implants are an option, why not ditch the gaps and get the smile you want with us?