Could a quality dentist in Sheffield put a smile on your face?

Comprehensive dental care

At Dee Kay Dental, we firmly believe that our teeth are our most valuable asset. Whilst there may be somewhat of a prejudice in this belief, with us being dentists and all, it doesn’t change our opinion one iota. Having strong, healthy teeth and gums are paramount to tackling all of life’s challenges head-on, endowing patients with the confidence to smile and speak freely without any potential embarrassment associated with having poorly looked after teeth. We are a dentist in Sheffield who puts the needs of each of our patients at the very top of our priority list, and we offer an entire range of dentistry solutions – from general to cosmetic – to give you the opportunity to smile your best and fullest smile.

Cosmetic care

We are a dentist in Sheffield who, as well as providing NHS backed dental support, also offer an entire range of cosmetic dentistry solutions to address a great number of superficial concerns that patients may have with their smiles. These are some of the most widely sought after procedures we offer, and include procedures such as cosmetic teeth whitening and white fillings. Those who seek out the aid of our cosmetic dentist in Sheffield, generally do so in an attempt to boost their self-confidence and restore their ability to smile freely, without a care. Cosmetic tooth whitening is one of our most popular methods of this form of dentistry, across patients from all age demographics. It is a procedure which aims to rid your teeth of any discolouration or staining on your enamel and provide you with a whiter looking smile. We are a dentist in Sheffield who provides two forms of home-whitening kits. Both of these use a similar method, whereby a specialist whitening gel is applied directly to your teeth, which acts by infiltrating the enamel on your teeth and bleaching any superficial stains or yellowness. The results from this form of cosmetic dentistry are often largely positive in their impact on the well-being and confidence of the patients who seek them, as they provide them with a brighter and whiter looking smile.

Scale & polish service

Another procedure which we offer that provides patients with a healthier looking smile, is our scale and polish service. Unlike cosmetic tooth whitening, a scale and polish is a preventive dentistry procedure which is not focussed entirely on improving the aesthetics of your teeth – although it often does – but rather around ensuring and maintaining the integrity and strength of your smile to minimise the risk of gum disease or decay. Our scale and polish procedure is carried out by a dental hygienist and typically consists of two stages. The initial stage is known as the ‘scrape’ stage, whereby any build-up of tartar and plaque is removed from the surface of the patient’s teeth with an ultrasound scraper and other specialised dental tools. Next follows the ‘polish’ stage of the procedure, whereby the surface of the patient’s teeth are polished – giving them a squeaky-clean and fresh feeling. The aim of the scale and polish service is to eradicate any potential case of gingivitis or periodontal disease – the leading cause of tooth loss in adults. An added bonus however, is that your teeth are often left looking whiter and healthier for some time afterwards.