How could your smile benefit from Invisalign in Sheffield?

Boost your self-esteem

Often, patients who suffer from crooked or misaligned teeth can find it to have a negative impact on their self-esteem or their confidence. In addition to this detrimental effect on their social well-being, patients who have misaligned or crooked teeth can sometimes find them to have a damaging effect on their ability to properly enunciate or speak clearly. This, again, can have a negative impact on the patient’s self-esteem and often leads to increased isolation and social anxiety. Whilst a great many patients may wish they could achieve straighter teeth, they are sometimes hesitant to do so, as they feel that treatment will affect their outward appearance. However, thanks to dental aligners such as Invisalign in Sheffield, patients can now achieve a straighter looking smile with ease and without impacting how they look whilst treatment is underway.

What is the Invisalign method?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past decade, you’ll probably have heard about the Invisalign retainer method of orthodontics. With over 4 million pleased patients across the globe, it truly is a modern orthodontic phenomenon. However, if you are late to the party, then have no fear – here is a quick explanation of Invisalign in Sheffield, and how it could benefit you. The basis of the Invisalign retainer system is to use a series of custom made retainers in place of fused brackets or connecting wires – which are typical in conventional dentistry. These retainers are changed weekly as the procedure progresses, and use pressure points on the inside of them to gently and slowly move the patient’s teeth into their correct and proper positioning. The Invisalign retainers themselves are massively sought after because they are practically invisible when worn. This is because they are expertly tailored to fit precisely over the patient’s teeth to such a point that they become practically undetectable when worn. Additionally, those who seek out Invisalign in Sheffield can enjoy all the privileges afforded to those who are brace free, as the retainer can be removed for short periods of time to allow patients to eat any food they please – without having to worry about foodstuffs being lodged between their braces.

Fitting your retainer

Those who do opt for the Invisalign retainer method of dental alignment from us here at Dee Kay Dental in Sheffield must typically partake in a consultation with one of our orthodontic specialists. This consultation lets us establish the extent of treatment that is required, as well as gauge whether or not you are eligible for the Invisalign method, as certain factors such as gum health and pre-existing medical conditions must be taken into account prior to seeking treatment. However, providing that the patient fits the necessary parameters to receive treatment, a 3D scan will be made of the patient’s teeth using the iTero system – which allows us to get a perfectly accurate rendering, without having to use any messy moulding materials. Our  iTero system can also provide patients with a digital rendering of how their smiles will look after treatment has been completed, which is often greatly persuasive in spurring on patients to carry out the procedure. From then on, the 3D renderings are used to create the custom-made retainers, which are then given to the patient to carry out the remainder of the procedure from the comfort of their own homes.