Discover what clear braces in Sheffield could do for your smile

Clearing up a few things

Here at Dee Kay Dental, we recognise and empathise with those who suffer from misaligned, overlapping or crooked teeth. Across the county, countless people live daily with teeth which are misaligned or crooked. Rather than seek out much needed treatment, they refrain from doing so out of lack of understanding of their numerous options that are available. Often their self-esteem and confidence are knocked as an effect of having misshapen or crooked smiles, and – in more severe cases – their ability to speak properly is sometimes affected. As you can imagine, this is far from pleasant and because of this we’ve decided here at Dee Kay Dental to detail clearly how patients could benefit from clear braces in Sheffield and take control of their smiles.

What is Invisalign?

The Invisalign retainer system is the method of clear braces in Sheffield that we install here at Dee Kay Dental. You’ve undoubtedly heard of Invisalign in some capacity before, but perhaps you haven’t taken the time to investigate it properly. Because of this we thought we’d do the hard part for you, and cover all you need to know about this method of clear braces in Sheffield. The Invisalign aligner method of orthodontics is a relatively contemporary method of dental realignment which has become massively popular, particularly in the last few years. The fundamental idea is to replace common orthodontic methods – such as fusing brackets to the front of a patient’s teeth – with a series of transparent, removable plastic retainers.

These retainers are made uniquely to fit each patient and are changed every few weeks as the procedure is carried out. Within each retainer there are specifically placed pressure points built in, which slowly and gently push the patient’s teeth back to their proper alignment. Many patients opt for clear braces in Sheffield over conventional, fused braces – largely because of the discretion that the Invisalign method affords them. As each retainer is created from a transparent plastic and especially tailored to fit over the patient’s teeth perfectly, when they are worn they are practically undetectable to the untrained eye. This, unlike conventional fused braces, allows patients to undergo orthodontic work without it affecting how they look in outward appearance.

Fitting your retainer

Those who decide to improve the straightness of their smiles through the Invisalign retainer method from us here at Dee Kay Dental must first typically undergo a consultation with one of our specialist orthodontists. This helps us establish your eligibility to receive an Invisalign retainer, as well as to detail the process and the effect that you can expect it to yield – providing you wish to proceed. Also during this consultation period, we use our state-of-the-art iTero system to get a perfectly accurate 3D rendering of the unique contours and shapes of the interior of your mouth – without having to subject it to messy moulding gels or pastes. Our iTero system also has the ability to give patients an exact digital impression of how their smiles will look, prior to completing the Invisalign course. From then on, the 3D rendering is used to create the specialised retainer set from a patented dental plastic known as Smarttrack, and then the patient is given the retainers to take home to carry out the procedure and achieve a straighter looking smile.