Why you shouldn’t miss out on that check-up at the dentist

At Dee Kay Dental we find that one of the most alarming concerns we face in the dental industry are the check-up appointments that some patients skip out of. There are many reasons patients choose to opt out on their scheduled appointments, reasons include busy work schedules, dental phobia and they are not experiencing any physical symptoms so there is no need. The problem with the latter reason is that dental emergencies often come unannounced and dental problems usually are not easily detectable by an inexperienced and untrained eye.

Scheduled appointments with a Dentist Sheffield remains a patient’s only reliable option to guarantee that all is well with ALL their dental structures and their oral health is secure. Dental health is not a once-off responsibility a patient performs and without the approval of a Dentist Sheffield at regular intervals, there may be dangers to your dental health (and, in turn, your overall physical health) lurking hidden in the mouth.

Reasons why dental check-ups are crucial

Catch potential problems early

We like to consider preventive measures a patient’s best friend. There are so many advantages to detecting problems before they can escalate that may not at first seem too important to take notice of. Here’s the thing, though, with many of the dental problems, they are easily sorted with very little sacrifice to time and money, if worrying red flags are caught in good time before these problems develop into bigger problems – and there is no escaping those bigger dental problems.

Oral screenings

Among the numerous duties a Dentist Sheffield performs as part of a comprehensive check-up is screening a patient for mouth diseases such as oral cancer. The key to successfully treating this disease that can have fatal consequences is early detection.

Professional deep clean

Even with the most dedicated efforts at cleaning your teeth with regular brushing and flossing, it is not always a sure thing that you have removed all of the trapped food particles or bad bacteria that give rise to problems with teeth and gums. The only fool proof method to get teeth scrupulously clean and to remove stubborn deposits such as plaque and calculus is with a professional teeth cleaning procedure in the dentist’s chair.

What are the signs you need to see a dental practitioner?

In addition to scheduled dental appointments, there are other circumstances when a patient may need to visit a dental clinic for professional dental care. Often, these situations will arise when patients have left too long intervals between check-up appointments. Some of these signs are as follows:

  • Loose teeth or implants
  • Bad breath
  • Bleeding or swollen gums
  • Mouth sores
  • Chipped or cracks in teeth enamel
  • Pain or sensitive teeth (this may indicate cavities)
  • Injury to the facial area
  • Visible white spot on teeth enamel
  • Dry mouth

It is not the wisest choice to leave off a visit to the dentist until you experience a problem. We encourage patients to ensure they enjoy the best possible oral health by scheduling routine check-ups with our experienced dental practitioners at Dee Kay Dental.