Talk to a dentist in Sheffield about straightening your teeth

Is it time for you to embark on that journey towards a healthier and happier smile? If you have a misaligned smile, then you’ve probably thought about having it corrected for many years, but have simply put it off for one reason or another.

Perhaps it is the time commitment that you feel you cannot make. Perhaps it is the cost of the treatment, or the concern about your professional appearance throughout the treatment. Whatever it is that has put you off, your dentist Sheffield would like to address these concerns and help you to make a more informed decision about your health and welfare so that your smile is no longer neglected.

Why is it so important to have straight teeth?

If you are able to look beyond the aesthetic importance of having straight teeth, then you might be mistaken in believing that there is no real reason to bother with straightening your teeth.

However, unfortunately, your health can suffer enormously from not having your teeth straightened, whether it be an impact on your teeth and gums and subsequent general health, or a direct issue with your body.

A misaligned bite can cause quite a lot of neck, jaw and head pain that can be difficult to diagnose. You may also find it difficult to chew your food properly which can lead to intestinal issues.

If you suffer from bad breath, plaque concerns or cavities, then perhaps because you have more difficulty reaching places to clean than other people might be the reason. People with tightly packed together or crossed over teeth often present with more dental issues, because they are unable to clean their teeth as effectively as others.

By straightening your teeth, you are able to address these physical concerns, and many more.

How can we help you?

Your dentist Sheffield can offer you a range of different teeth straightening devices that are designed to meet the very different needs of a lot of unique individuals. Nobody’s smile is exactly the same and therefore, different solutions need to be available.

Gone are the days where a traditional fixed brace is your one-size-fits-all option to teeth straightening. You can now enjoy removable clear aligners, invisible braces and other designs that meet the changing needs of our patients.

If you’re interested in discussing with your dentist Sheffield the options that are available to you, then please do get in touch for a consultation.

Millions of happy patients cannot be wrong

Invisalign is a very popular choice for those people with mild to moderate misalignments who are looking for both discreet and convenient solutions that deliver phenomenal results. After a scan that helps us to determine whether you are viable for this treatment, we are able to pinpoint the exact movement your teeth need to undergo and then create plastic aligners to make this a reality.

By wearing these aligners daily over the next few months, changing them every few weeks to a slightly differently shaped set, you too can experience a straighter and healthier smile to enjoy.