Reasons why you should consider Invisalign in Sheffield

If you’ve been thinking about straightening your teeth but are hesitant to embark on this journey for any number of reasons, then perhaps it might be worth your time to consider Invisalign in Sheffield.

This style of treatment suits many working adults and teenagers due to the convenience of the procedure, as well as the discreet manner with which it is used. Invisalign in Sheffield is a convenient option, namely because you are not reliant on a dentist for the movement of your teeth as you are with traditional braces, rather you simply change your aligners to the next set after a given number of weeks.

You can continue to do this for a couple of months before we request having a physical check- up in order to monitor your progress. Because it is not immediately pressing to have this consultation, we can arrange it at a time that suits you, which is ideal for working adults who are time pressed as it is.

The other extremely attractive consideration with Invisalign in Sheffield is that it is one of the more discreet teeth straightening options that are available. Rather than being a fixed device attached to the front of your teeth, this treatment is a clear, removable plastic aligner that fits snugly over your teeth and pushes them into alignment.

This style is a way for our patients to feel like they can confidently smile without it being painfully obvious that they are going through a teeth straightening journey themselves. Most people cannot see the device at a distance and it is certainly not obviously apparent, as it is nothing but a clear shield over the teeth to be worn for most of the day and night.

Why is the device removable if it is to be worn for so long?

These aligners need to be worn at least 22 hours each day in order for them to be as effective as we say they can be at the beginning of your treatment. This allows your ligaments that are holding your teeth into position to be moved and to subsequently relax into their correct position, as they have the tendency to snap back into their original position without this prolonged support.

A retainer is worn after treatment has finished for this same reason, although you may not need to wear it for as many hours each day.

It is only during meal times that you are not expected to wear your removable device, however you will need to brush your teeth before replacing the aligner, so that food debris does not remain on your teeth to cause extra problems.

If you would like to learn more about this treatment, we would love to discuss the options with you during a consultation. At this time, we will perform a scan that will show you the current alignment of your teeth and the potential changes you will experience if you are viable for this straightening procedure. From there we can talk about time frames, costs and any other questions that you might have.