Thinking about Invisalign in Sheffield?

Have you seen the adverts on television or heard the stories of other people who have great things to say about their experience of Invisalign in Sheffield? This teeth straightening treatment is appealing to individuals both young and old who are looking for a convenient, fast and effective way to straighten their teeth without others really knowing about it.

If you would like to hear more or talk with your dentist about whether Invisalign in Sheffield is the right choice for you, then we warmly invite you to our practice. We have seen many patients come through our doors and are exceptionally pleased with the results that Invisalign in Sheffield are able to provide them.

By talking through the process and what sets this treatment apart from others, you might be able to determine whether you feel like this treatment is right for you.

It isn’t suitable for everyone, so you do need to come in for a scan so that we can see whether results will be efficacious for you. Should you have a severe case of malocclusion or your misaligned bite is causing you a lot of pain and discomfort, then perhaps a more traditional device may be more suitable.

We, as dentists, are given more control when using a fixed brace to straighten your teeth and these are preferable for complex cases. However, if it is more of a cosmetic issue, coupled with the desire for a healthier smile, then we are confident that removable aligners could be your solution.

Read on further to understand how this treatment works and if you have further questions, please come into our practice for a scan and a discussion about your expected results.

How does this treatment actually work to straighten teeth?

Unlike traditional braces that work by pulling teeth into a more correct alignment, these removable aligners gently push teeth into their correct position, gradually over the course of a few months.

You are expected to wear the clear tray over your teeth for a minimum of 20 hours each day, giving you time to eat normally and brush your teeth in a regular fashion, so that there are no disruptions to your daily life in this way.

Every few weeks, you trade this clear aligner for the next staged one, which has been digitally made to push your teeth ever so slightly into a pleasingly straighter position.

These aligners are so successful because of the software that has been developed over the many years by advanced researchers and dentists. This software is able to pinpoint the precise location and movement that your teeth and jaw need to undergo, step by step to be most effective, fast and comfortable.

In other words, we are utilising technology to our benefit and allowing software to perfectly place your teeth into their correct alignment over time. When coupling this technology with the comfortable and discreet aligners, there is no argument about why these removable aligners are fast becoming the favoured choice of both dentist and patient when it comes to straightening teeth.