Twenty-first century demands met by Invisalign Sheffield

Smartphones and personal computers have revolutionised our lives and brought us into the twenty-first century. We now use our smartphones to photograph anything and everything. Taking personal pictures of ourselves or ‘selfies’ with celebrities have all become the norm in today’s world. Switching on a smile for the camera has become a way of life for some. There are, however, people who do not enjoy the experience because of a dental condition called malocclusion. Over the past four decades a lot of research and development has gone into the equipment used to treat this condition and Invisalign Sheffield is proud to be able to provide an excellent treatment for those suffering from malocclusion.

Dental expertise and technology

The experienced, friendly team at Dee Kay Dental have been correcting dental problems of misalignment using the Invisalign Sheffield system to help patients to smile with confidence. Technology has helped dentistry to accelerate many different forms of treatment using the latest equipment and techniques.

Braces and aligners

Over many years dental straighteners have gone from a metal brace to a variety of braces made from different materials, providing a variety of different treatments for specific conditions. Invisalign Sheffield provides a treatment using a completely different technique and a range of in-house developed technologies. The traditional metal brace is still in use, but no longer resembles its predecessor – resulting in a far more comfortable appliance. In addition there are braces made from different materials including ceramics. Braces use blocks attached to the front of the teeth with a wire that passes through the blocks and then bands which adjust to apply pressure to move the teeth. Some versions of the new braces automatically adjust themselves requiring fewer dental visits. Another version fits onto the inside of the teeth making it less conspicuous. Aligners, however, work differently and could be mistaken for a gumshield because they fit over the teeth. Invisalign falls into this category of tools for correcting dental misalignment.

Invisalign trays

Invisalign call their aligners ‘trays’ and treatment requires a series of these trays to be created to move the teeth into the exact position to produce a beautifully aligned set of teeth when you want to smile. Each tray is computer designed for accuracy. Each tray is slightly different and produced so that each one takes over from the previous one to slowly move the teeth into the correct position. Each tray must be worn for twenty-two hours per day, but can be removed to allow for cleaning as well as eating and drinking. Every tray will need to be worn for between three and four weeks depending on the progress of the treatment. The duration of the treatment is anything from six months to two years, depending on the condition being treated.


On completion of the treatment, it is necessary to wear a special aligner for a few weeks to ensure that the teeth do not move from their new position. Once the dentist has completed his final assessment it will be possible to face the world with a broad, confident smile, taking selfies wherever you like and with whomever you like.